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The transmission "valve body" can often have problems that result in leaks and sticking. Once the seals of a valve body start to fail, the transmission clutches start to slip and eventually fail altogether. In any case, once the transmission fails in the way you describe, you're pretty much stuck with the only options being to rebuild the transmission, replace the transmission or get rid of the vehicle.

2006-08-21 02:16:12
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Why does my Chrysler Sebring when put in drive or reverse behaves like its in neutral what may be the problem?

Could be low on transmission fluid. If so you have a heck-of-an oil leak.

2002 Chrysler concord when come to a stop feel little jerk and wont shift restart car works fine until it decides to do it again?

transmission problem? should be looked at right away before your walking

How do you fix Chrysler code P0730 incorrect gear ratio do I need to go to a dealership?

You have a problem with your transmission. The transmission is trying to shift to a lower gear than necessary. Check the transmission fluid first and if it is low add the correct transmission fluid. Do not Overfill. If this does not solve the problem than the transmission fluid may need to be changed or you may have another problem within the transmission. Can be a bad shift solenoid or a problem with the hydraulic control unit. You need to take it to a Chrysler dealership or to a trusted transmission specialist for service. Do not neglect this or serious damage may be done to the transmission if you continue to drive it.

What is the estimated life of the 1999 Chrysler Cirrus?

Honestly about 150,000 miles. After that the transmission will start to stick. common problem.

You had a new transmission put in your Chrysler and it is still stuck in limp mode or second gear What can the problem be?

You need to have the computer checked for codes. That will tell you what area the problem is in. It can be wiring, computer, or even an issue with the new transmission.

94 Chrysler concord jerks real hard when you come to a stop and before going into 2nd 3rd It has to warm up in order to go into reverse in cold weather what's the problem?

Check the transmission fluid level and if it is ok then the transmission may be broke. You need to have the trans checked for codes. That complaint sounds like a major internal failure.

What does code PO731 mean for a Chrysler intrepid?

PO731 Gear ratio error in 1st gear. Possible causes:Low transmission fluid levelTransmission fluid dirtyDefective shift solenoidsTransmission hydraulic control circuit problemMechanic Problem with transmissionHave the transmission fluid and filter changed and if the problem does not go away seek professional help.

Chrysler sebring transmission will not shift stays in low range and speedometer does not work?

check to see if thers a speed sensor unit failure from the transmission.. Had this problem on a Caddy

I changed the transmission fluid in my 94 ford explorer now won't start What could be the problem?

Try to start it on neutral. if it stars then you have a faulty neutral safety switch.

What happens if you put power steering fluid where the transmission fluid goes in a Chrysler 300?

Similar products should not be a problem

Does a 1992 Plymouth voyager transmission fit a 1996 one?

If they are the same transmission model, then it may be possible. The problem may be the electronics. It is best to check with a good transmission repair shop or a Chrysler/Dodge dealer.

97 Saturn will not start unless in neutral may not even start then?

any auto transmission car that starts in neutral and not in park has a problem with the safety switch. Fix it or bypass it.

What might be the problem if the tail lights wont come on in a Chrysler concord 94?

in some vehicles there is a swtch inder the break peddle that controls your breack lights it might not be making a connection

Why when you turn on the ac the engine start like shaking?

If the problem disappears when the shifter in placed in neutral it could be a transmission or engine mounts

Why would a Chevy 4x4 whine only when put in reverse or drive and not in park or neutral?

you have a problem in your torque converter or transmission pump

Why does a Chevrolet Cavalier transmission not shift and only goes 30 mph and then starts losing speed and acting like its in neutral?

There could be an internal problem with the transmission. Check the transmission fluid for a burnt smell or odd color, indicating transmission damage.

What is problem when Drive shaft hits muffler in reverse on 2006 Chrysler 300?

Check the engine and transmission mounts along with the exhaust hangers.

How do you fix a transmission code p1784 for a 96 Chrysler cirrus?

Most of the times, problem is in the solenoid pack, may be rebuilt or a new one, the important thing is there's no need to get down transmission.

What do d r n d 3 2 1 problem mean on a 1996 olds 98?

D=Drive, R=reverse, N=Neutral, 3, 2, & 1, are the speeds, or gears,of the transmission. So if there is a problem it is with the transmission.

Is their a 2.7 concord oil slug problem?


How do you replace a neutral safety switch on a 1994 Lexus es300?

On that car it is called a transmission range sensor and it attaches transmission gear selector cable to transmission. Just remove and install new part in reverse order (if that is the problem).

On a 1990 jeep wrangler the shifter is in neutral but the transmission is stuck in reverseit s a 5 speed?

You may have to remove the shifter and realign forks in the top of transmission--problem usually caused by wear

Why would a 2000 Dodge Neon shift to neutral when gas pedal pushed to the floor and how do you fix it?

The transmission forks are possibly bent or worn. If the forks are giving a problem then the transmission will have to be rebuilt or replaced.

What would be wrong with your transmission if it locks into second gear on a Chrysler Concorde?

That happens when the computer detects a problem.. You need to have the computer checked for trouble codes.

Where is the solenoid pack on 2006 Chrysler 300?

My mechanic says it is in front of the transmission. i need this replaced on my car, and it is a common and normal problem because of the location of it.