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Go to the KAZ auto repair place and ask them that same question and see what they tell you. See if they can answer your question.

2012-04-28 19:54:06
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How is the weather tomorow?

how is the weather tomorrow because tomorrow is thanksgiving!

Should you keep a newly potted juniper bonsai inside or outside where it is below freezing weather?

Keep it inside, but put it out in the sun whenever the weather is mild.

What weather will it be tomorrow?

i think hot but what is the wether in california tommorow

What is the weather forecast for tomorrow in your hometown?

My weather for tomorrow is 81 degrees Fahrenheit and clear sky's

What weather forecast for tomorrow for your area?

The weather forecast for tomorrow is a high of 93 degrees with a 50 percent chance of rain. The low temperature for tomorrow night is 73 degrees.

What statement is correct it's a nice weather outside or it's nice weather outside?

It;s nice weather outside.

What is the weather outside today?

the weather outside today is snow loser

What is maybe weather for tomorrow?

maybe cloudy

How do you say que tiempo hace por la manana in English?

In English that means "What will the weather be like tomorrow?" or "What is the weather for tomorrow?" Both are correct.

What is the weather forecast for tomorrow in Petaluma?

Very hot.

How do you use will be in a sentence?

Hopefully the weather will be fine tomorrow.

When does a chicken molt?

Whenever the weather gets cool outside, chickens start to molt. Molting is the process of losing all their feathers so that they can grow new ones.

What is an engine block heater for a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon?

An engine block heater for a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon is a part of the engine that helps keep the engine warm when it is very cold outside. It has a plug that needs to be plugged into an electric outlet when the car has to sit in the cold weather.

Is there school tomorrow in gardner?

gardner public schools are not going to have school tomorrow. there will be strong winds and bad weather

What is a sentence with whether?

the weather tomorrow is going to be cold. or the weather is forcasting 4 to 8 inches of snow or the weather is nice today

What is the weather in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin tomorrow?


What is the chance you will not have school tomorrow because of the weather?

Yes....I Think

What does weather do?

The weather doesn't exactly do anything it what it IS that matters. Weather is what is happening right now if you look outside example; Outside i'ts raining.

Give you a sentence using weather?

the weather outside is frightfull

What is the weather forecast for tomorrow for Des Moines Iowa?

rainy showers

Is it going to be cloudy tomorrow afternoon?

Watch the weather report for the answer to this question .

How is it going to be the weather in UK this weekend?

Sunny today and cloudy tomorrow.

What is the probability of seeing a rainbow tomorrow?

The answer will depend on where you are, and the local weather forecast.

What is the TV weather forecast?

you forecast the weather by goig outside and say hi to the sky and everybody u see outside and then say what are you looking at and then u have forecasted the weather

Are rockdale county schools going to be open tomorrow?

Yes, They Will I Havent Heard Of Any Closings Tomorrow Is Not A Holiday.There Isnt Any Weather Damage So Schools are open tomorrow