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Try removing brake light bulbs and sockets one at a time to try to find out if short is located in fixture itself or in wiring going to fixture--if you can isolate problem it should be easy to fix--either by replacing defective socket/bulb or wiring to same.

2007-04-20 01:09:36
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Q: 1997 GMC Jimmy 4.3L When brake pedal applied stop light hazzard fuse blows Replaced stop switch no fix cant seem to find a short hazzards work fine until brake applied?
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Where can you find flasher on Malibu 2000?

the turn signal flasher and hazzards on these models are not seperate components. but the function is handled by a timer within the switch. when turn signal is on you should hear it click. considering all bulbs are ok ! if it is bad, the hazzard switch needs replaced.

Is the flasher relay for the hazards and turn signals all part of the hazard switch on a 2002 Alero can't seem to get the switch out is there a release on it?

yes the turnsignals are are the same relay as your hazzards if the hazzard swicth is done your signals wont work. Another brilliant idea by GM

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 2004 Impala?

The turn signal flasher is combined with the hazzard switch. It is connected to the back of the hazzard switch.

Brake lights won't come on on my 1998 gmc Fuses are good relay is good switch on the pedal is good.?

I had a similar problem check to see if the hazard light switch is in the full OFF position I just read this bit a bout the hazzard light switch being in the off position, I went out and checked it and found that it was in the off position. But, after turning it off then on then off again i noticed that the hazzards did not come on which led me to check the hazzard fuse which was blown which also doubled for the stop lights. Thanks again. I spent about four hours trouble shooting replaced bulbs, replaced a relay and was just about ready to take it to the dealer. Who knows how long or how much money that would have cost me . Thank God for you and wikianswers.

What should the labor cost be to replace the turn signal switch on a 97 Lincoln Town Car?

Try pushing the hazzard button in really quick and fast and spray some elctronic spray cleaner (CRC Autozone) in the switch until the hazzards start working This should take care of non working hazzard and turn signal issues. I am assuming the the arm is not physically broken. This worked on a 1998 Lincoln Continental Chuck

Why would the dimmer switch instrument panel light and taillights not be working on a Nissan 300ZX?

This happened on my car-it turned out to be a blown headlight fuse(15amp) and the hazzard switch on the left side instrument panel. Went to a junk yard and bought a new switch and replaced the blown fuse and ta-dah taillights I also replaced the dimmer switch also.

What can you do when your turn signals wont work meaning when you go to turn them on either left or right your hazzards come on you checked your flasher fuse and replaced hazzard switch.?

First, make sure the 4-way flasher switch is off. Some flashers only turn on when the turn signal is on as well. If the flashers STILL come on when the turn signal is on, you probably need a turn signal switch... it's inside the steering column and depending on the vehicle type, it can be a real pain to replace, or it can be quite easy. But that just about describes everything that can go wrong.

Where is the flasher on 2002 VW Golf?

On this model the flasher is integrated into the hazzard switch.

Where is the blinker relay on a Volvo 850?

the relay is located within the hazzard flasher switch. If faulty replace flasher switch and it will sort out the problem

Volvo 850 flashers come on when car is off?

make sure you did not depress the hazzard switch. the hazzards can still operate with the enging off. any accessory 12volt sys will eventually depletes battery. second guess factory alarms sometimes need resetting after battery was disconnected. check your manual and look for reset. may involve ing. key

Your blinker lights on your 1996 Nissan XE truck will not work but your hazzards do whats the problem?

Check the light control switch mounted on the steering column. The copper or brass switch block is not making contact.

Where does the flasher on a Volkswagen Jetta 2000 go?

The hazzard light switch in the middle of the dash includes the flasher.

Where is the flasher for signal lights on a 1999 Volkswagen Beetle?

it is part of the hazzard light switch on the dash under the raido

What is a push to make switch?

Push-To-Make switch is a switch in which pressure is applied to the switch for it to let the electricl current flow through.

Can a 250v switch be used for 120v?

Yes, the rating of 250 volts on the switch is the maximum voltage that can be applied to the switch.

How does push to make switch work?

Push-To-Make switch is a switch in which pressure is applied to the switch for it to let the electricl current flow through.

Renault Clio 172 Cup your Hazzard Light button is jammed on any ideas opposed to going to Renault?

I would try another hazzard switch,if not cured then the body computer could be at fault,renault call it the UCH.

What can it be when your turn signals and hazzards quit working and it is not the fuse on a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus?

probably the flasher unit or the multifuntion switch in the steering column but i think probably the flasher unit

Can a single pole switch can be use as a dimmer?

No a switch just opens and closes a circuit. A switch can be replaced by a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch will fit in the same enclosure that the switch is removed from.

Rain gets in tail light cover replaced and same thing now constant clicking in dash?

I don't know about the rain but the constant clicking is probably your hazzard switch,eventuall it will start to mess with your blinker. There has been a recall on this and you can get it fixed for free. However, this does depend on what year your car is. Have it checked out.

Your high beams switch is broken in your 2001 Honda accord how can you fix it?

If the high beam switch is broken that it should be replaced. When the unit is replaced the high beams will work again.

What if you found fluid in your neutral safety switch on your 2002 Dodge van 3500?

The switch should be replaced.

How do you fix a broken switch on cars?

Depends on what switch you're referring to. Typically, they'll have to just be replaced.

Is it normal for a 3-way dimmer to reduce the maximum brightness of a halogen light fixture?

Not really. This usually occurs when the dimmer switch is incompatible with the type of lamp being used or is going bad. If you've recently replaced the switch then check to see if the switch you used is suitable for use with halogen lamps. Halogen lamps draw more current than nomal incandescent lamps and if your switch was not made for use with this type of lamp you are creating an unsafe condition and a potential fire hazzard.

What can cause the backup lights not to work on a 1997 Dodge Avenger after the switch has been replaced?

Defective switch, switch not adjusted, blown fuse