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2000 Mountaineer what causes it to not want to shift into drive unless you let off on the gas?

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Most vehicles will not allow you to shift from neutral or park into drive unless you have your foot on the brake. It is a pretty simple logic flow in the car's computer.

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Why is your gear shift locked?

mountaineer 2002

Do you drive with over drive trans on or off?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position , but unless the speed is higher it won't shift into overdrive anyway

Why wont transmission on Geo Metro shift into drive?

Sometimes when used to driving manual transmissions, we forget to press the brake pedal to release the safety so we can shift the automatic into gear. It will not shift out of park unless you do this.

What causes your truck to idle high when started and causes it to shift hard when put in reverse or drive?

The increased idle when started is normal, all properly working cars that aren't ancient will do it. As far as the hard shift goes, your tranny.

What causes an automatic drive shift to stick?

Hey Carolyn==You don't say that it is a console shift but I bet it is and you have spilled coke or coffee on it. It needs to be taken apart and cleaned. GoodluckJoe

Is there free drive in Need for Speed Shift?

There is no free drive in Need for Speed Shift.

Want shift to third gear or drive?

No thanks, I do not want to shift to 3rd gear or drive.

What causes a Taurus transmission to shift hard when moving from park to drive or reverse?

check fluid in tranie....and LUCAS tranie lube

What will cause the transmission to shift hard then not shift up after you come to a stop unless you turn the car off then back on again It is a 2000 Plymouth Breeze?

Have the transmission checked for codes. That will tell you the possible causes.

Why does 1990 Chevy van dies when put into reverse or drive unless you give it more throttle?

because its a stick shift dumb asses

What does ES stand for on a Honda Rancher ATV?

Electric Shift FE = Four Wheel Drive / Electric Shift FM = Four Wheel Drive / Manual Shift TE = Two Wheel Drive / Electric Shift TM = Two Wheel Drive / Manual Shift

Why four drive willnot shift in?

Grizzly four wheeler will not shift to four wheel drive model 600

What Causes sudden loss to 4 wheel drive on jeep grand Cherokee 1995?

there is a possibility that your shift linkage is messed up. if not that then it is a sensor.

What causes a 97 Honda Accord to drive and then act like it is in neutral?

your shift solenoid a is stuck open in your tranny time for a gagage visit

What causes a car to stay in drive no matter what gear you put it in?

The transmission may need repair or the shift lever may simply be disconnected.

What are the causes of a car being able to shift to drive but no to the lower gears?

The most common cause for a transmission not to shift into certain gears is low transmission fluid. Another cause is a broken shifting fork in the transmission.

What causes car to shift differently after changing the battery?

Changing the battery will have no effect on the shift pattern of the transmission unless the car has a computer controlled electronic transmission. In that case it will take the computer a few trips to relearn how you drive and calibrate the shift points. Same thing happened to my grand Am 2001, 10 min computer reset did the trick. turn key to on, without starting, let sit for 10 mins, switch off and start up, trans shift problem corrected

What causes transmission not to shift into over drive after a few miles on 2000 Lexus RX300?

Seems like you press the over drive button to off. Also have codes 1130 and 1135 on computer.Could this have a connection?

What causes an automatic transmission to shift hard?

i have a 200 f150 p/u if I put my foot into it it will accellerate and shift as it should until 60 mph. at that time it will over rev and I have to slow down and dissengage over drive.

How do you drive stike shift?


How do you drive manual car?


Pontiac sunbird is running but wont shift into drive?

replace the shift cable

Is it safe to drive a stick shift it skip second gear?

If stick shift jumps outta second gear is it okay to drive the car?

How do you know if your 1989 Cherokee is in 4 wheel drive?

If it is 4 wheel drive there will be a shift lever for the 4 wheel drive right beside the drivers seat to shift from two wheel to four wheel drive

How hard is it to drive stick shift?

Not that hard I learned in 15 minutes. Clutch shift.......

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