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2000 outback legacy wagon car is stuck in park-can move with screwdriver-what is next step?

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βˆ™ 2009-10-05 02:41:26

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Have a Shop Inspect it

Obviously you have a defect in the shifter safety release mechanism. Have a shop check it out, it is not a large fix, though the parts price may be expensive if a new release solenoid is required. Cheers!

For the Subaru, try this. Remove the plastic center console surrounding the shifter. You'll have to kinda disassemble a fair bit around that shifter but you should be able to get it out (I think I had to start back at the center cubby arm rest.) Anyway, with the plastic cover removed, you should see a silenoid and a pivoting metal mechanism to the right of the shifter. This is the physical piece that locks out the shifter. You can see it work (or not work) by simply turning the key and parking brake. Anyway, OFTEN, this gets gummed up over the years by coffee, coke, etc... Simply cleaning the pivoting mechanism and adding a little lubricant cleared our problem up. I thought about replacing the silenoid but once I'd done it, it was so easy that I figured I could do it again if needed. Hope that helps for future Subaru owners.

2009-10-05 02:41:26
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Why is the clutch on your 1998 subaru legacy outback stuck to the floor?

Your clutch cable snapped. It should be an easy fix.

Why is your 1991 subaru legacy blowing cold air and overheating?

Check the 1991 Legacy for a stuck thermostat. Check to make sure that the water pump is working properly.

How do you close a subarau legacy drivers door that is stuck in the lock position when open?

You can not close any door if the locking mechanism is stuck in the locked position. You must first get the mechanics to unlock.

What is the Difference between Subaru Outback and subaru legacy?

Out of personal experiance, the outback is a little more rugged, it has better suspension, but the legacy does just as well. I have had 2 legacy's, a justy and a svx. and lived in the catskill mountains, the legacy's both did a wonderful job in the winter time, I highly recommend both the legacy and legacy outback, but if you live out in the sticks with roads that are really rough you may want the outback. Its a little smoother on rough roads. But believe me, you will be VERY happy with either one! A subaru has always gotten me through horrible winters when other cars get stuck. If you are going to buy a used one, make sure it has all service records, if it has not been properly maintained you may run into some problems. I bought one in NYC that was not properly maintained and ended up putting more money into the car than I paid for it. If maintained properly it will last FOREVER! It is not uncommon for a Subaru to get over 300k miles. Make sure before you get it, it has had the timing belt replaced if it has over 90k miles. Or if you get a manual make sure the clutch is in good shape. If you go for the legacy get the LE. It is a better car all the way around. In all the years we have had subaru's, ours never once went in the ditch. But do not think they cannot go in the ditch, they can, but if you drive carefully it is very unlikely.

How do I open a Subaru Outback Rear door that won't open?

The problem is often that the handle is sticking and has not returned to the fully "down" position, i.e. it is already halfway "up" and therefore won't pull "up" on the locking mechanism. The solution on my Outback is to push the handle down, and I can usually feel it engage. Then just pull up and the door opens. Many Outback (and Legacy and Forester) owners lube the handle occasionally. So far I have always had success just pushing it down so I haven't bothered to lube it. If it gets so stuck that it won't push back down, then I'll lube it with wd-40 or something else.

How do you remove key stuck in ignition on a Subaru Outback 1996?

on either side of the key insert is are peices of metal that can be depressed with a screw driver or pencil. Depress and turn. Hope this helps.

How do you get a key that is stuck in the ignition of a 1993 Subaru Legacy out?

Turn the steering wheel back and forth if that doesn't work try that screw under the steering column

What is the correct tire pressure for a 1999 Subaru Outback wagon?

That info would be in the driverside door frame of the car on the White paper stuck there with the standard size tire for your car. Or also check the Drivers manual.

Why is the clutch petal on my 1993 Subaru legacy L stuck to the floor?

your clutch cable located at rear of motor is snapped, bro has one for $50 bucks, bro easy fix

What causes a 1997 Subaru legacy to over heat?

You could be low on coolant, a stuck thermostat, engine fan not coming on for starters. If still overheats, I would recommend taking it to a Subaru dealer.

How do you fix a back hatch door that will not unlock on a 1998 Subaru Legacy Wagon All other doors open with both the key and the inside unlock feature.?

I have a 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback wagon and have the same problem. I climbed in the back and removed the back panel on the hatch door. Then I noticed the latch on the locking mechanism was getting stuck halfway. I wound up climbing into the back every time and moving out of the stuck position every time I wanted to open the hatch door. About a month ago a friend who borrowed my car noticed that if you pressed the unlock button on the front passenger side door it would unlock. I was very surprised when I found this out, but it worked. I'm not sure if that's a fluke with just my car, but it might work for you. Otherwise you could try climbing into the back like my first method. Good luck!

What could cause a 1991 Subaru Legacy Brighton to only blow hot air from the AC?

Check your temperature control switch. It is hooked to a cable it could be stuck on hot or needs a new one.

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Subaru legacy stuck in park?

It is possible that the selector lock is not disengaging when you step on the brake. Without more information, specifically the year of your car, I cannot answer specifically. My 2007 Outback has a small round plug to the left of the shifter. You use a screwdriver and pry that plug out. Then you insert the screwdriver in the hole and press down. This will release the selector lock. On other years you may have to remove the entire cover around the selector to gain access to the release. Your owner's manual has details on how to perform this procedure.

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How do you replace a crankshaft sensor on a 1996 Legacy Subaru?

its right in the front middle of the engine/ unscrew the bolt and pull it strait up/ if it gets stuck in the hole you will have to use a drill and carefully poke holes in it and brake it apart then pull it out

Why does your radiator fluid blow back into the overflow on your subaru legacy?

Water Leak upper or lower hose Water Pump Failure Thermostat Stuck in Closed Position Blown Head Gasket Fit new radiator cap

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