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crankshaft sensor going.

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Q: 2000 xterra idles rough in gear but idles smooth in neutral Runs great down the road?
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Why does your 1987 Grand Wagoneer idle poorly in drive In park and neutral it idles great?

check your timing & up your idle a little

Why is my Truck back firing and poping but idles smooth?

sounds like the timing is off

4.2 liter ford idles but dies when you try tp move?

If the engine idles and revs up okay in neutral, it is likely the torque converter clutch lock up solenoid.

Why does my 2004 Xterra stall when put in gear It Starts idling at 1200 rpm after 15 min it idles down and drives fine?

Look for a vacuum leak.

1983 Lincoln town car it misses and wants to die and sometimes does when excelerating but idles fine in Neutral?

Replace the plug wires

What are the problems with 115 hp Mercury outboards?

Starts hard then it rough idles for a short time then smooths out but when you give it gas it miss fires and bucks and does not smooth out.

Honda integra zc 1.6 automatic and it idles at 2000 rpm in park and neutral why is that?

Perhaps throttle plate is stuck open - try to free with a screwdriver

Why does Buick Riviera backfires when you accelarate?

i have a 92 buick riviera that putters and chuggs when i accelarate but idles great

What is the reason that an engine idles great and then falls on its face when you accelerate?

Year, make and model would help.

Why won't my dirt bike start in gear when the clutch is pulled in but it will start in neutral?

It needs adjusted it is still engaging. just like when it is running in Neutral and you put it in first gear it idles down more so than typical of a bike doesnt it ?

93 Ford Aerostar dies on idle when in gear idles rough in neutral can feel power surges when driving what approach should you take?

mine is doin the same thing

Why does my 86 fiero stall when put in gear-idles fine-changed the iac--tps map to no avail.?

your tcc could be faulty, assuming its an auto. faulty neutral switch maybe

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