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2001 Cavalier when the left turn signal is used the light flashes very rapidly but when the right turn signal is used it flashes normally Checked fuse ok now the check eng and trac con light stay on?



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I have a 96 Chevrolet cavalier. I have had the same problem. Awhile back my right one burned out, therefore I replaced it. Now a few months later the left one burned out. Bulbs do not last a lifetime, so considering mine lasted 11 years before I had to replace them is pretty good. This means you need to replace the light bulb because it burned out or broken. In my car, the bulbs are located inside the trunk in the corners where the exterior lights are. Meaning you must partially remove your exterior temporarily to get inside and take out the burnt/broken lightbulb. They don't cost that much to replace, anyone can do it, and it cost lest than $5 for mine and came with two.