2001 Ford F150 that you got stuck in the snow drift Ever since then you have had misfiring What could it be?

First read the codes. Harbor freight. com has code readers for under $50.00. It may be that the "COP"or "coil over plug" may have gotten wet. May be shorted out and needs replaced or just CLEANED and DRIED. Is the boot is sitting in water. Take off the coil. Is is the boot wet or discolored? blow out the hole the spark plug is in. it is deep. the a.c. drips in the second from the back on pass. side and rad. hoses on drivers side leak at hose clamps and drip into them also. dry them out and add dielectric grease to boots. before replacing onto plugs. Also try to move coils around and see if misfire follows the path of movement. . good luck. hope this gives you some food for thought.