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That year I believe still had a mechanical fuel pump on the right bank(passanger side)towards the font of the engine and it should have a steel line going to it and from it, check for rusted out lines and replace with steel lines, rubber is to iffy being its really close to the exaust manifold, and replace your fuel filter on your carburator( the line comming from the pump to the carb on the carb).

2010-03-29 01:01:17
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Q: 87 Suburban There is fuel leaking from the passenger side of the engine from where the fuel comes from the tank to the engine you are not sure if it is a rubber hose or the metal paret not sure what i?
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Where is the distributor on 1993 suburban?

You will find it on the BACK TOP REAR of the engine and it will have 9 rubber wires going to it.

Antifreeze leaking from a small rubber hose from the side of engine?

bad hose like a pin hole or bad clamp

Where is the Low pressure valve on the 1997 Chevy Suburban?

The A/C low pressure switch is normally on the accumulator (round silver can with rubber jacket, located in the right (passenger side) rear corner of the engine compartment. The connector on this switch often causes problems.

Where is the air filter located in a 1993 ford explorer?

The engine air filter is located inside the air cleaner housing , on the passenger side of your engine compartment ( just follow the big rubber " tube " from the front of your engine , near the top of the engine , over to the passenger side of your engine compartment )

Where is the starter located 1995 Geo Tracker?

on the passenger side of the engine. you can see it from the top and it has a rubber boot on the forward end.

What would cause a 1989 sunbird 2.0lL K engine to a have coolant leak coming from drain plug in firewall Not leaking inside coolant coming from rubber elbow connected through firewall?

If it's leaking from INSIDE the firewall (away from the engine compartment) you probably have a leaking heater control valve or damaged heater core.

Oil leaking onto exhaust manifold Toyota Camry?

The oil leak is coming from the valve cover gasket and leaking onto the exhaust manifold, the rubber valve cover gaskets get hard from the engine heat and start to leak, you will have to replace the rubber valve cover gaskets to stop the oil leak

How long should you drive with leaking valve cover gasket in a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Depending on how bad the leak is, not long. You could starve the engine for oil and ruin the engine, and the oil leaking off the engine will get on the rubber front-end parts and cause deteriation.( EX: rubber grommets). Plus it leaves a mess every place you park. Valve cover gaskets are cheap compared to oil!!

Why does my peugoet 106 Fuel line leak on engine block?

You need to find where it is leaking, it could be a loose connection, an old rubber seal, rust, etc.

Why is Water leaking on passenger side floor when AC runs?

Ac drain hole is plugged, go under neath by oil filter and unclog small rubber opening! This should fix it..

Where is the ac relay located on a 1994 escort GT?

Its located on the passenger side behind the strut mount on the engine compartment and it has a rubber cover.

How do I bypassdiconnect the rear heat of my 1994 Chevy Suburban The line are leaking coolant and I don't want to replace the whole line?

Find an easy place to work and cut the lines into and hook them together with a rubber heater hose a clamps.

Car heater smells like burning rubber?

A car heater that smells like burning rubber could be an indication of a belt that is slipping. The slipping belt smell can be drawn in from the engine compartment into the passenger cabin.

Does the Kawasaki mule 3010 have a fuel filter?

Yes, mine does. Its on the passenger side, under the bed, attached in the front part of the frame, in the engine area, on the passenger side. Mine has a rubber strap holding it to the frame.

What is wrong if your dishwasher is leaking water from the door?

your dishwasher may be leaking from the door because the rubber seal may be torn or brittle

Why does the front of suburban smell like burning rubber?

check the fan belt

Where is the air filter located on a 2000 ranger xlt?

The engine air filter is in the engine compartment , at the front , on the passenger side ( then you will see the mass airflow sensor , the big rubber engine air intake tube that connects to the throttle body )

Where is the map sensor on a Ford F-350 6.0l?

On the passenger side of the engine up top close to the fire wall, It's on a metal bracket with a rubber hose going to it from the middle of the engine on the intake.

Where is the fuel pump in an 86 Chevy Nova?

It is bolted to the front bottom passenger side of the engine. It is round in shape and will have a medal line and 2 rubber lines going to it.

1992 Volvo 240 air conditioner leaking in floor board?

Lift the carpet on the passenger side of the central tunnel in the front footwell, locate black rubber hose going from ac overflow to the tunnel wall, pull the end from the wall, shave the lips on that rubber fitting slitely off and reinstall. Rubber became to sticky to open under water preassure.

Water leak on the back of the motor?

i have a 98 Cherokee with the 6 cylinder that was leaking at the back of the engine right below the valve cover..there is a rubber freeze plug and it had come loose..from the right side of the vehicle feel the back of the head for bolt head,that is what expands the rubber plug..

Subaru wet smell?

If the wet smell is coming from the passenger front area it could be that the condensate water from the a/c is leaking in to the car because the drain tube is clogged with debris. I had this problem, what happens is the crud from trees and such collects in the lower windshield area and clogs the drain tube. You need to get under the passenger side of the engine towards the firewall and find a rubber tube coming down. Stick something flexible up the tube or try to vacuum it out

How do you adjust passenger door from rattling over bumps?

The passenger door can be adjusted from rattling over the bumps by adjusting the rubber nozzles. The rubber nozzles are usually located on the hatch door.?æ

Burnt rubber smell when driving?

Here is a couple possibles, Engine or transmission oil leaking onto the hot exhaust. Plastic shopping bag caught onto exhaust system. Yesterdays chilli

Where do you buy a rubber or cork cover to cover your main drain that is leaking?

Grocery stores and hardware stores often have a rubber or cork cover for a drain.