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You need to install a new thermostat. The stat is located at the lower end of the top radiator hose within the water outlet. After the stat is installed, run the car with the radiator cap off for about 20 minutes checking and adding coolant as the air is pushed out of the system. Keep a eye on the coolant level over the next few weeks to insure the system does not have a leak which could be why you had this problem in the first place.

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What are reasons to replace temperature sensor on accura integra?

the temperature in 1991 accura integra is fluctuating dramaticlly from normal to very hot to normal...why ?

How hard is the XM radio to instal?

An XM radio is no more difficult to install than a normal car stereo.

Is it normal for water to drip out of the bottom of the heater core housing or do you have a leak?

No, it's not normal. You have a leak in the heater core or may just be connections to heater core. If left untreated, it will soak into your rug and eventually cause your floor to rot.

What if your 2004 silverado temp gauge runs above normal in town and the heater blows cold but runs at normal temp on the freeway and the heater works fine What is the cause?


My integra reaches the normal temp but wont blow any heat and the heater core is new but did have some stop leak put in it before you got it replacedits blowing cold air instead of hot and the reserve?

3 answers spring to mind, an air lock in the water system,a faulty switch on the heater panel( or cable depending on year)or an inline vent flap stuck shut

What would cause a 1996 Dodge ram heater gets warm but when you turn Blower up it goes cold?

If the engine is getting up to normal temp, the heater core might be plugged. Heater core is not plugged and normal operating temp!

Can you use an inverter and electric heater in your car?

Provided the heater is of a low wattage it should not affect normal running of the car

What happens when you bypass heater core?

you have no heat and car runs normal

Cost of 1500 watt block heater?

Usually much smaller. A normal freeze plug block heater is about fifty bucks.

Is it normal that Flames are visible in a natural gas water heater?

No, they should be underneath.

What could be wrong with the heater on a 1996 camaro Z28 if it still blows warm air on low setting and coolant is normal?


Can you use the dryer as a heater to heat your home?

Only by jury rigging it ... the normal insulation is designed to vent the heat outside. But it can be used as a form of electric heater.

1988 Chevy 350 tbi idle adjustment?

simply put you can't if it is idleing not normal their is a problem surging/hunting idle=fuel pump/filter high idle =vacuum leak or sometimes fuel pump

Do you need a heater core on a Saturn sl2?

Nope........... You can bypass it if its leaking and run the vehicle as normal..........

Why does heater in car smell?

there could be several things, dust in your heater could just be burning a little (normal! not a problem) or your heater core could be burn out and leaking fluid all over where you can't see. but don't take my word for it!

Why does heater blow cold at idle only blows hot air when accelerating temperature gauge shows normal Chevrolet Impala 2008?

If the coolant level is okay, I would suspect a restricted heater core. Try flushing the heater core.

What happens when a Chevy truck's heater doesn't put out heat?

You'll probably be colder than normal.

How do you wire electric water heater?

size the wire to the normal load size the fuse to protect the wire

What is the normal operating temperature of water in a domestic automatic dishwasher?

An in home dishwasher is normally connected directly to the hot water supply. The water temperature set on the hot water heater will be the same as the water temperature in the dishwasher. Normal hot water heater temps are around 120 - 140 degrees dependent upon how high the hot water heater is set at.

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 1995 Acura Integra LS 4-speed Automatic Take?

it takes just about 3 quarts for a normal oil change.

What is the normal cycling interval for a hot water heater?

There is no "normal". It depends entirely on how much hot water you use. When the temperature in the tank decreases to a certain point it will heat again.

Will normal chlorine levels in a swimming pool damage copper piping in a pool heater?

"normal" levels of chlorine don't damage plumbing. However abnormal levels of pH will.

No hot air from a 1994 dodge ram heater?

Answerheater core will most likely be the problem Answerheater core will most likely be the problem Had same problem. Is your temp gauge reading normal? If temp gauge is reading low after driving awhile, may be the thermostat stuck open. If so, easier fix than heater coil.

How does a car heater work?

[first time answering questions] car heater works like the reverse of the normal cooling radiator - in fact the heater is like a small version of the rad that's on the frnt of the car - the hot water from the engine block goes into this small rad and the heater fan blows air thru it into the car - the hot heater rad loses heat into the car and - bingo - you get warm inside

1988 Ford F150 with no heat 2 hoses at the firewall heater core one hose is hot one hose cold Engine hotter than normal Bad Heater core or bad thermostat Thanks?

heater?AC fan does not go on? Temperature gage does not work.