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Its could be the turbo your hearing...

2006-12-14 21:39:07
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Q: 93 eagle talon awd turbo standard while engine running seems to have a whining noise have changed the head new belts and gaskets the whining noise is still there but noise is still there?
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What could be making a 1999 Honda Passport make a constant whining noise while the engine is running?

The whining could be related to the alternator. Does the car have any electrical problems such as the battery drains and dies while car running, are your belt(s) tight? in good condition? It might be a belt tensioner or idler pulley that is causing the whining.

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Your AC blow only warm air It is a 2000 Xterra Also while it is blowing it makes a whining noise?

If the compressor is running, the blower is blowing, and there's no cold air, you need freon. If the whining is from under the hood, the compressor may be damaged. That's what happens when running without freon.

What causes the diff noise on Impreza?

The Diff oil ir either needing changed or topped up, if its a whining noise that is.

What is the cause of a whining automatic transmission noise on a 2000 Mazda protege?

There can be many causes for a whining noise in automatic transmissions. The least expensive thing you can try to eliminate the noise is to have the transmission fluid and filter changed. Some shops will only replace the fluid unless you ask for the filter to be changed, so ask.

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Why is a whining noise coming from under the 02 silverado bed while its running?

it is the fuel pump because it is located in gas tank normal sound

What does a whining noise when accelerating mean and rattling chain sound when running?

Well without further analysis or information, a short answer would be that your engine is BROKEN.

1978 ford f100 transmission whines i changed oil and fluid?

mine whines a different noise in every gear, but it will not whine when i push in the clutch, so i changed my slave cylinder and clutch and the whining noise stopped.

Why does your ford pickup make a whining sound when pressing on the throttle?

First thing that comes to mind is the power steering pump. Ford is famous for whining power steering pumps. The noise should be present whenever the truck is running, but more pronounced when dry steering or increase in rpm.

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Whining noise after replacing power steering pump on a 1998 grand Cherokee?

Check the belt tension. it is too hard on the bearing or it's running dry.

Why is the power steering in your 98 Olds Intrigue whining with a full reservior?

The whining noise most likely indicates that your power steering is touching something and when you turn, it'd rub against whatever it is everytime you turn OR the belt could be running against a hose, a frame if the motor mounts are broken the bottom air conditioner would be resting against the frame with belt in between, causing the whining noise.

You had the power pressure hose changed in your 1993 Nissan maxima and you here a whining sound now but before it was quite?

You have to put a Nissan hose back on.Aftermarket hose will not work.

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Fuel pump whining coming from a03 gmc sierra?

Fuel pump whining comming from a03 gmc sierra

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There is a whining noise coming from driver side of a 97 Stratus engine and its not the power steering what else could it be?

It may be the Idler pulley. I used to have a 96 Breeze with a 2.0L 4cyl that made a whining noise. I thought something might be seriously wrong, but then i discovered it was just the Idler pulley making noise. I changed it-- no more noise.

What is the engine whining noise on 2005 Mercedes CL500?

Hard to tell without hearing it. With engine running, open the hood and try to determine the area where the noise is coming from then repost info.

Why would the fuel pump on a 98 gmc sonoma make a whining sound for a couple of days then stop even with the truck starting and running ok?

your fuel pump will be going out within a couple months. have recently had this happen to my truck 1999 gmc sonoma . mine did that at first then it was constantly whining and then it quit working all together.

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