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97 voyager what would cause engine tap when cold stops after engine heats up?


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2006-07-10 17:09:49
2006-07-10 17:09:49

Sounds like you've got some bad lifters. The oil is draining out of them when it sits and once you start it, they pick the oil back up and refill.


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if it is the z32 model more than likely its the variable timing sprocket

Sounds like the engine heats and the ignition fails.

The fan can run after you shut the engine down because the engine had overheated. If it stops after a few minutes this is what is happening. If it runs continuously, then the thermal relay is stuck, replace it.

It cause down shifting is making the engine roar most trucks hardly use a jake brake

Many things, but a clutch bearing seems likely.

Did you replace the fuel filter as well? A plugged filter will cause the engine to stall.

Why engine stalls on 1993 Chrysler Intrepid while driving and sometimes at stops?

What happens when a transmission control solenoid not working

Sometimes things on the inside of vehicles stop working. If the power outlet in a Plymouth voyager stops working, a person should change the accessory fuse in the fuse box.

You should see a blue, yellow, and red little button beside the cauldron. The red one heats it up quickly and the yellow one heats it up but not as fast. The blue one stops it.

It could be fuel pump, fuel filter or out of fuel. To be certain, you can always use a code scanner to see if there are any stored codes.

Could be fuel or electrical problem. Does the car start and run okay the first time you start it? Does the engine run smoothly under load?

ignition module , computer , wiring or fuel system problem. when engine stops rpm gauge goesto zero.

i had the same fault with my 1996 dodge Plymouth, 3.3 litre engine. i replaced the crankshaft sensor and viola problem was resolved.

the clutch release could have broken , the brakes could have locked, the engine could have blown, the transmission could have broken. These are mostly things that have happened to our ranger. It depends what you mean by stops

Likely one of the power transistors is bad and stops working as soon as it heats up.

Engine STOPS abruptly usually after hearing a series of "Raps"

Stops dirt from entering the engine which will damage internal parts.

No, Desiree stops the heart, 'cause, she's stunning. so, indeed. yes.

A thunderstorm stops after it moves out of an area. The activity in the air can cause thunderstorms to break up and dissipate.

If the engine is hot and the car stops that means it has over heated, it the car is hot in cabin then you may have a problem

well, when you turn of your car, it stops firing, which means the spark that ignites the gas in the engine stops.

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