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The 1991 Porsche has a sump pump located on the passenger side of the car. The dipstick is close to the oil filter in the engine bay but it is difficult to read proper levels so the oil indicator is good back up. This indicator is accurate when the engine is idling, in the normal temperature range and the car is level. It sounds like the engine is low on oil. Check the oil indicator gauge, the one on the left side close to the ignition switch. The gauge is more reliable for oil level than the oil dipstick. The 1990-1994 (Could be others) hold about 13 U.S. quarts of oil. Most changes use 10.5 quarts since there are several drain plugs. That's why many people use only a Porsche mechanic. Note oil level is read only when car is running because of the sump system. Overfilling causes overfill oil to burn off AFTER the car is warm. ALSO if the 911/964 or 993 sits unstarted for more than 10 to 14 days the oil will accumulate in the exhaust side of the engine and will have to burn off with extensive amounts of smoke coming out looks like a huge smoke cloud. Will take several start ups before the oil is burned off from inside the system. So close the windows and wear a high quality respirator mask with cartridges or you will be inhaling way too many fumes. Mobil 1 synthetic is the manufacturer recommended oil brand.

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Q: A 1991 Porsche 911 C2 Tiptronic the oil level indicator is in the red you hear a slurping sound from the right side of the engine while the dip stick and oil pressure are good what is wrong?
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