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You must have a 4.0 SOHC. It's not good. The timing chain guides and tensioners are probably bad. This is a MAJOR operation on that engine. It is not simply a matter of changing a timing chain, guide, and tensioner set, but there are three timing chains on that engine, and none of the sprockets have keyways or timng marks on them. You have to use a set of special alignment and holding tools to align the chains and gears. As said there are three chains. There is a primary chain that is where the old push rod type engine used to be. That is connected to a gear that drives a jackshaft that goes through the middle of the engine and there is a gear on the other end at the rear of the engine block that attaches to a gear and drives another timing chain in the rear that runs the right bank overhead cam. Back in the front, we have a gear behind the jackshaft driving gear, that runs another chain that drives the left bank overhead camshaft. The only explanation I have is that this engine was designed by aliens.

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Q: A 97 ford explorer is making a clicking noise when the oil cap is opened just wondering is this bad and is it a interference or non interference?
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Why is your 1993 Altima Nissan making a clicking noise but does not start?

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Apparently it is the rear air "blender" ( whatever that is(?)) My 2003 Explorer was making the loud clicking sound from the rear driver side above the rear left wheel. I lived with it for a month before I just found the answer on the net. I turned off the rear fan control (from the front controls) and the clicking has stopped. I guess there is no more air from the rear now but the clicking has stopped- Car is long been paid off and I'm happy again.

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