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Any ventures why a white arrow facing forward randomly appears on the control panel when driving my 5-spd 4-cyl 1992 Jeep Wrangler?

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September 12, 2011 2:11PM

Yup, you've got it. I now realize it is the shift indicator.

Apparently this is a feature on other vehicles in addition to

Wrangler. Thanks to Redbeard, I did some further research and found

this on that confirms his explanation:

In article <> (Stephen H. Westin) replies to

c...@Cleveland.Freenet.Edu (John M. Russo): >> I noticed that

the shift indicator light on the dash seemed to come on >> at

way too low rpm's. >> If I go ahead and buy the Wrangler,

should I ignore the shift indicator >> light and go with my

instincts about shifting....? >The purpose of the shift

indicator light is to optimize fuel >economy on the EPA dyno

test. It has nothing at all to do with >powertrain durability.

When we got our first car with one, I >said to my wife, "You see

that yellow light?" "Yes." "Ignore it."

My sentiments exactly. I own a '92 Wrangler and have ignored

this indicator light from day one with no apparent reprecussions.

Jeep certainly did us a favour by minimizing the annoyance of this

light. Specifically, they made it a small outline of an arrow, less

than 1" in size, illuminated with white light. This is a vast

improvement from the annoying red bar that my '83 Mustang had

(suffice it to say that that was disconnected ASAP). Jeep also

desiged the indicator such that it will turn off as soon as your

speed plateaus, even if you did not upshift. Kudos to Jeep.

BTW, I highly recommend the Wrangler.


"Answer" id="Answer">Answer

Is that the shift indicator? Many manual transmission vehicles have

an indicator that tells you when to shift. The up arrow may be

indicating that it's time to shift up one gear.

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