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Answer 92 Sable air bag 32 codethis is probably of no help - may be it will give you an idea.

my 1992 Sable GS 3.0 developed a 32 code (air bag). Turns out the problem is caused by the "clock spring" which is the electric harness inside the steering wheel. Cost me $95 for that diagnosis and a $ 600 estimate for "fixing" it.

Problem remains unsolved.

I had a 2002 mountineer that was flashing 1-9. I decided not to pay the price to find out specifically what was At Fault because I had already paid for what was stated as the resolution. I was told by a Ford mechanic the best guess was the "clockspring" which I ordered on the internet for about $60 and installed it myself with no prior experience removing air bag and steering wheel in about 2 hours in the hot sun. Dealer quoted time was for one(1) hour. IT SOLVED MY PROBLEM!!!! I am very pleased. Hope this helps,. Al

FYI --- All it means is that the drivers side airbag isn't grounded somewhere. It shouldn't cost a whole lot. Usually I have to fix the codes after the vehicle has been wrecked..... Marlena

2011-09-12 14:09:45
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