Are Ford Winstars good cars

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I WOULD NEVER HAVE ANOTHER >I OWNED a 1995 the transmission went twice and then my brakes were defective ,almost got killed on I 95 here in south Florida 1year later I got a recall notice about it being defective , the van was totaled no trace of it for a lawsuit. The reason so many people are selling it is because it is a LEMON and money pit DONT BUY ONE

I've got a '98 GL and it's been quite reliable and a great vehicle for travel. The suspension makes the ride very comfortable. Acceleration time is impressive. (I've got an 8cyl). Have had no trouble with A/C, but have replaced tie rod ends twice. Consumer reports this month (5/04) listed this a common drawback to purchasing this year of van. Turning radius is not as good as competition. Seats are very comfortable but back row seats are heavy to remove. Competition can't beat the 5 star safety rating either. I'm looking at purchasing another Winstar, but they've stopped making them. Guess I'll look for some '03 leftovers!

Stay away from the Ford Windstar. We have a '95 and we are so unhappy with it. We have had the transmission replaced 3 times. The engine has been rebuilt. All of the window motors have failed. The wiring is problamatic. It is a lemon. STAY AWAY!...

Like any car new or old if you don't give it the proper maintenance it won't last. I own a 1999 Ford Windstar and I love it. The Driver's seat it very comfortable so are the passenger seats. It responds very good. I love my Winstar.

I bought a 98 Winstar with 125,000 miles, the engine was replaced and is supposed to have low mileage. Shortly after purchasing it the automatic transmission starting acting up and making a banging sound, like something in the transmission was hanging up. This was in the standard position for drive. I took it to a transmission place, they replaced the modulator valve, Transmission Fluid and filter as well as the gasket. It cost me three hundred dollars, which I did not mind paying. I noticed shortly afterwards that it was not shifting properly. It then started flipping and flopping in and out of first and second gear. The thing about is that it only does it once every couple of months. I do not have any extra money to pay a transmission specialist. I have someone who will put it on a machine for seventy-five dollars. Does anyone have any ideas? It also makes cracking noise when metal over-heats, when I turn off the engine. I have been told it could be the transmission cooler. Any input would be appreciated.

No! I have a 2000 with 115,000k and it is costing me a lot to keep it on the road. I will not buy another.

I just purchased a 2000 ford winstar 2 weeks ago. My fiance was driving it today and guess what? You got it the transmission failed!!! Luckily I purchased an extended warranty which I hope will cver the expenses of this repair. My only wish is that I came to this site and read some of the other horrific review of this mini - van before I went and purchased one. I pray to God that I'm not in for a long expensive journey.

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Q: Are Ford Winstars good cars
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