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Knowing the car history would be a big factor for me. If it wasn't maintained, I wouldn't touch it. What part of the country is it from, the North is brutal on older cars. How it is costing you? Any car at the right price is good. What condition is it in? Have an independent repair shop check it out. If your a loyal customer they may not even charge you.

I have had a Buick Regal for over 5 years. It has 115,110 miles on it. We have kept up with oil, tires, brakes etc. and I wouldn't take anything for it right now. The only complaint I have is the paint job. It started pealing and needs repainted. If the paint job is all that is holding you back, go for it. If it hasn't been kept up. Forget it.

Well I have a Buick Regal, 1987 for about 4 years and have over 240,000.00 miles and if you take good care of your car the problems will be minors and not that often (assuming that the past owner have taken good care of it). And as another person said check the car history (good or bad maintenance, crashes, etc) and if is possible take the car to a mechanic you trust or know. good luck!

I purchased a 1993 Buick Regal in what I would concider 'pristene' condition three years ago. I would only purchase this vehicle if you can do the brakes for cheap yourself as mine have been replaced three times already (about to be four) they are apparently a defective unit from the factory. Otherwise the car is a cheap, stylish, roomy, ugly coloured car(Burgundy top to bottom, inside and out)and good on gas concidering its girth.

I bought a 1988 Buick Recal Limited with 21,000 miles.I'm still driving the car with over 300'000 miles.I have replaced 3 alternators.1 starter,1 fuel pump and front brakes each year.Gas mileage is 21mpg.It's ready for a paint job.I service it every month myself and can always depend on it.Best car I ever had and worthy of a note on the web.

I bought a 1998 Regal 2 1/2 years ago with 60,000 miles. I have driven that "little" car coast to coast several times. It now has well over 130,000 miles and runs like a champ. I am still getting 22-24 mpg on average (it drops off dramatically around oil change time!). Keep up with the maintenance and she will treat you well. The only problems I have had are all minor superficial things (lightbulbs burned out, clips breaking on door panels, faded paint, and trim clips breaking on the door seals). The power train is doing great, I keep my oil changed and tires rotated. Great car. I don't plan on getting rid of her any time soon!!!

I have had a '94 regal custom for 8 years now with no major problems. About to break 250k miles and it still has enough power to burn the tires from a standstill, as long as the car has been taken care of they are very reliable. In 8 years ive replaced 1 set of tires, a fuel pump, and the usual maintnance.

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Q: Are Regals reliable cars to own or must high mileage for example above 100K Regals be avoided?
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Drain the Regals oil. Remove the pan bolts. The engine may have to be raised or cross member removed to let the pan slide away from the engine to be removed.

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I have owned Regals of many years...and when the crankshaft ignition sensor is going bad the car will not start...just turns over... when it is hot. If you let it cool it will start right up...over time it gets worse and more frequent until it won't start at all! Good luck!

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First check the fuses. If all fuses are OK, electrical troubleshooting is called for.,,,, see second answer! I have had same problem, I have 2 1991 regals, it will be in your headlight switch, there are two different switches availble at the dealership, make sure you get the right one, it's a very simple change!

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Where can you find the fuse box on a 98 Buick regal?

Your Regals Fuse panel is located on the side of the dashboard on the passengers side. This fuse panel is for all the smaller fuses. Your other fuse box (for bigger more serious fuses) is located under the hood of your Buick also on the passengers side. It has a square red cap on top of a black box with a plus sign on it.