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Yes, current electronic air filters are much better than the old conventional filters. With updated technology, the newer filters are able to catch and filter much more bacteria and other harmful matter, allowing one's home to have cleaner air.

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Q: Are electronic air filters better than the old conventional ones?
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Are cone filters better than normal ones?

Cone filters are considered to be the best type of filter to use.

Which are better room air cleaners with replaceable filters or ones with washable filters?

My children have awful allergies--I use the throw away kind. Better be safe than sorry.

What are the different types of filter(electronic)?

You can have low-pass, band pass or high-pass filters. You can also have all-pass filters designed to provide a time-delay. Then you can have active or passive filters. Filters can be designed to give different types of reponse, the main ones being Butterworth, Chebyshev and Elliptical, with Bessel used for time-delay.

What do you mean by non-conventional resources?

Non Conventional resources means resources that are not conventional. A conventional resource are the ones that are commonly used (like a pen or a pencil) a non conventional resources are ones that work but are not commonly used (like an ionic laser)

Why are full house water filters better than those that just filter tap water?

The reason for full house filters being better than the filter tap water ones will be because the house filters have a longer lifetime as well as its components are way more advance than the filter tap.

Which is better to have, an electronic air filter or a mechanical one?

The electrical air filter works by inducing charge on the suspended particles in air , where as mechanical filter removes these particles by physically trapping them. Even the smallest of particle will be removed in electrical filter which might escape in mechanical filter if the filter material is having bigger mesh size. This makes electrical filter better. Mechanical filters are more effective at capturing particles and they require less maintenance. Electronic air filters tend to lose efficiency if they are not cleaned on a regular basis and even at their highest efficiency, electronic ones tend to not catch as many particles as a mechanical one.

Thermostat keeps defaultin to 85 you checked filters and they are clean?

If you have an electronic Thermostat, make sure that you are changing the "Program" and not just setting the "current" temp. Most electronic ones will change the temp NOW but will change back to the program after a set amount of time.

What types of filters can one find on the Fram Filters website?

Fram Filters make filters for use in cars and other engines. These filters are mainly oil, transmission and fuel ones and are highly regarded in the motor industry.

Are electronic white boards better than normal ones?

Electronic white boards are better than normal ones in a classroom or office setting because it enables you to save the writing or drawing you made on the board for later reference. It also enables you to write on existing diagrams from the computer whereas normal white boards do not.

Do white colored cigarette filters contain more fiberglass than the cork pattern ones?

There is no fiberglass in cigarette filters.

What are some of the better water filter housings available?

There are many types of water filters. There are water filters for swimming pools and water filters for drinking water. For swimming pools you want a housing that is tough and will stand up to the outside elements. If you are looking for a good drinking water filter housing the best ones are stainless steel.

Electronic fund transfer at point of sale?

Yes! (What was the question here?) I can be done with many software programs. I used to use RetailPro, but there are better ones to use.

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