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Are there any jobs for 14 year olds that have to do with music?


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If you live in the US, the legal age to get a job is 14. Most employers, though, won't hire someone until they are 15 or 16. If you can, try getting a job at a cafe or something that regularly has muscians. Get a job moving instruments for bands. Be in a band. Join a choir, band, or try to develop your musical talent in a way that a club, cafe etc would hire you to play for a night. ____ When I was 14, I volunteered to file records at a local radio station, which I think paid $50 for the entire summer. The truth was, I would have paid them for the opportunity to work there and listen to all the new albums as soon as they came out. College radio stations in particular are often shorthanded in the summertime, so you might start there. Other than that, you could spend the summer studying the music business. Start by reading Donald Passman's excellent "All You Need To Know About The Music Business". You could also read a few of the cautionary tales about the record industry: my favorite is "Hit Men" by Fredric Dannen. Or just head to the library and thumb through the music business and technology sections until you find titles that excite you. Through study, you may also start to find out what part of music best suits your interests: performance, business, technology, or even starting your own label. Finally, if you're a musician yourself, spend the summer practicing. Choose one piece and really master it, or practice sight-reading or ear training. All of these skills will pay dividends later in your career.


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