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Are there any other sites like Google?


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Yes there are many. Bing is quite a precise copy, Yahoo has similar features, Dogpile combines other web searches to get it's results etc. There are also localised search engines like in Czech Republic.


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there is a chat site called cleverbot. google it.

veevo or whatever is buying out youtube so, say goodbye to that, but there is google video.

The other major provider is Neopets, although there are multiple other virtual pet sites that can be found via Google search.

There aren't any sites just like HI, but there are numerous Horse sites. Google Horse Sim Games, and you'll find hundreds of games similar to HorseIsle.

Doesn't google do that? Its a search engine, showing sites by the keyboards you searched. There are more engines like yahoo and bing etc.

You can do a search on Google for these sites as posting sites in the answers on this site is forbidden.

Google Image search, Google Plus and Google Mail are the most popular sites Google had. They provide information, good services and never steal any data.

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I would say maybe,,, and any website with .edu is usually pretty good. Although a lot of search engines will get you the same sites and information as Google. In fact, a lot of them will say something like supported by Google or owned by Google. Even on this website it says ads by Google.

if you type in sims 2 cars into google or any search engine you can download custom cars from different sites that provide the downloads, there are free sites and there are pay sites.

sure like yahoo,google,mozilla,bd, killer,hotfire,and last but not least red

Nope. Google Chrome is totally free, like any other web browser! :)

Yes you can find many. Amazon is a example.

Ergs are a type of bird, I am guessing. I really hope someone can answer this, because there seems to be no other explanation on any other Google Sites.

eBay or any shopping sites on google or any search engine

Google searches for items that are stored on the internet and like any other search engine will display it if it fits the criterion of its search. The trick is to make it come up on or close to the front page using Key words, Phrases,descriptions, links to like sites .e.c.t.

I don't know of any other site's like forever unique, but I do know of a good fashion shopping site, , if any of you know of any other good fashion designer, or fashion shopping sites be sure to let us know about them If you Google "Harry Potter shops" or "Harry Potter clothes/whatever" then results will come up with different sites, like that.

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