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What an excellent question! Just excellent! This is a huge problem in the U.S. and I'm so glad that someone knows about it and acknowledges it. Thank you! Me and my wife went to Costco the other day, and I saw this woman handing out samples of this so called " Miracle weight-loss drink ". I forgot the name of the drink, but she claims that she tried it herself and lost weight. I asked her what she did on a daily basis while consuming the drink. She told me that on a regular day she had only one or two small servings of junkfood and didn't exercised at all. Apparently, this product surpresses your appetite so much that you barely feel the need to eat at all. I was absolutely furious! I cannot believe the nerve of some people who know the flaws of such a product and still continue to try to market it, scaming us hard-working people out of our money! As a decent human being, I told the woman that she only lost weight in muscle and that the product doesn't work. She was very stubborn about it and didn't want to listen, even though I told her that I was an expert Nutritionist. I went after some of the people who decided to buy the product. I told them that it doesn't work, that they're being cheated out of their money, and that they shouldn't buy it. To my surprise, they all told me to mind my own business( some even cursed )and refused to listen to me. All of us live in a fast moving world, with cars and restaurants for our convenience, but that doesn't mean that losing weight( in fat )is a given! We can't work against our own body chemistry with diet pills, drinks, or crazy fad diets such as the Atkin's to lose weight. the only option is just healthier food choices and exercise. Thank you to the person asking this question and to the above poster! I am Canadian and we are getting as over-weight as Americans. I too shop at Costco and see so many people binge eating off the free trial foods. We live in a world of fast packaged junk foods and even TV ads on certain foods (generally not good for you) can have you drooling out of the corners of your mouth. Some people have become junkies of foods and why not when it's all around you. People can eat out of depression or frustration. Once kids would leave the table and go out and play with friends, but now kids and adults alike eat, sit, or sit behind a computer or play games on the computer. They IM or email each other instead of picking up a cordless phone and calling their friends and still manage to walk around. It's also a lack of exercise. Canadian law is coming down hard on restaurants with content of fats in their food and Canadians are beginning to smarten up. More health conscious restaurants are changing their menus (or they'll lose money) and more people are out biking, fast walking and belong to gyms. My husband and I just joined a gym the two days ago. We have always eaten well and walked a lot, but need to get that heart-rate up again. Are American and Canadians lazy? I don't think so. I think they've been spoiled and brain-washed. It's easier to think one can take a magic pill or potion melt the fat off, but not true! The best place to go to learn to eat better is Weight Watchers and I just saw a program on this very thing not too long ago and Weight Watchers was right on top for healthy weight loss. All of us need to learn there is more to life than filling our faces and to be more aware of what we are putting into our bodies and getting out and exercising.

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Does green tea help you lose weight?

no sorry dood no gimmicks will do the trick only diet and exercise take it from somebody who lost 50 pounds in 5 months

What is different about carlos on desperate housewives?

He's lost weight and shaved off his goatee.

What is a healthy diet to lose weight fast?

The healthiest diet that I have found is the Weight Watchers diet. This is because it has no gimmicks and does not force you to withhold certain important items (like carbs.) It uses a point system to track what you eat and set goals to meet your weight loss needs.

How many Americans are on diets?

How many Americans are on a diet to lose weight?

What percent of Americans are over weight and obese?


What is fentermina?

Fentermina is one of a class of weight loss miracles that bilk the desperate . There is no scientific indication that a pill will cause weight loss without modification of diet and activity level.

Can you not eat anything for one day and you will lose weight?

That's an absolutely stupid question and I'm sorry your so desperate

What are healthy natural weight loss supplements?

You can find about how to lose your weight while you still enjoying your favorite food. It's a very simple tip that could help you quickly lose one to two inches from your belly in under a week. This is not some magical weight loss pill or any of the other icredibly scammy weight-loss gimmicks that we see all over the internet these days.

How many Americans need to lose more than 50 pounds?

More than half of Americans are considered over weight. Those Americans need to loose weight, and most nearly fifty pounds. Of the half of Americans, a third of them need to lose at least fifty pounds.

How can you lose a lot of weight in a month if you're really desperate to lose weight?

SIMPLE!!! add more protein and low glycemic index carbs to your diet...exercise(a little cardio and more weight training)....You'll be losing weight like crazy...Hope this helps

If you are 12 and you weight about 200 pounds and you only drink water for a week how much weight will you lose in a week?

Dude, that is NOT HEALTHY!!! If you're planning to do that, your either really desperate or INSANE!!! Please, I'm begging you, do NOT do that!!!

Can you lose weight?

Yes a million times. I have lose my weight too but I got scammed by a lot of product which people are saying it can help you lose your weight.It is a ballant lies,until I use this ht tps:// I was happy to find something to help me after being scammed.So beware and follow the link.

Fantastic Weight Loss Recipe ?

Don't be confused by all the weight loss diets and gimmicks out there today, There is one Weight Loss recipe that has been successful for years and will work for anyone. Scientific research proves that the only real way to lose weight is by taking in less calories than you expend. This recipe is different for every individual because some get exercise and some don't, so evaluate your own life for a successful diet.

How many people in America are over weight?

2/3 Americans are overweight.

Do Americans have weight problems?

yes because they eat to much fast food.

What is starving yourself or eating very little?

It is a desperate weight-loss strategy, or alternatively, sometimes the unwanted result of extreme poverty or local famine.

Where can I find online tips on how to quickly lose weight?

Be careful about most search result hits on quick weight loss. They may involve gimmicks or scams. Reputable online sources for a healthy lifestyle, however, include and These two sites include diet trackers, exercise plans, healthy hints, as well as a supportive community of other dieters and people on weight and fitness plans.

Are Americans obese?

Not most of them. About 30% of Americans are obese, about 30% of Americans are overweight, about 35% of Americans are of normal weight, and about 5% of Americans are underweight. Take in mind that obese does not necessarily mean a person is fat, many muscular people are considered obese because of their BMI.

What percentage of Americans are considered to be at an unhealthy weight when overweight and obesity rates are combined?


Are some Americans overweight?

YES! very much so! Yes about 30% of Americans are overweight (about 20-25% of Americans are overweight due to fat, 5-10% of Americans are overweight due to muscle/tallness.) [there are flaws in the BMI system that can make a tall person obese when in reality they are perfectly healthy, and they make muscular people obese because of their weight, muscle weighs more than fat.]. An additional 30% of Americans are obese (20-25% of Americans are obese due to fat, 5-10% of Americans are obese due to muscle/tallness). In addition, about 5% of Americans are underweight and about 35% of Americans are normal weight.

Can you lose weight from laxitives?

Yes, but trying to lose weight by taking laxatives is very dangerous. You rob your body of nutrients that it needs to function. Laxatives should only be used to help with constipation and on a rare basis. I agree. If you are so desperate to lose weight, try walking or running around your neighborhood.

What material makes up the largest part of Americans garbage by weight?

plastic papers etc

If you have been told that you can lose weight by only drinking black coffee without sugar and with lemon and lose 14 pounds in 4 days is this true?

No.All weight loss gimmicks are scams.All of them. Read that bold line again and again until you remember it forever. You may experience a temporary weight loss, but you will gain more weight later once you stop the scam. There is only one way to lose weight, and that is:1. eat less2. exercise moreThat's it.I permanently went from 250 to 180 pounds by eating less and biking to work & school.

What is the simplest way for a woman to lose weight?

Hate to be the barer of frustrating news, but pretty much the only way for a woman to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF is diet and exercise. As far as programs go, I would highly recomment Weight Watchers. It's the only one out there that doesn't rely on weird gimmicks or attempts at forcing patrons to pay for their "special meals." It actually teaches you how to lead a healthier lifestyle and it will completely change the way you think about food.

How much do Americans spend on weight loss?

According to the New York Times Americans spent $50 billion on weight loss products in 2010. With the explosion of unapproved and unproven products on the market it is conservative to assume that number has grown to $60 billion through Juy of 2012.