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Fast Burn Extreme is an effective multi-component fat burner designed for athletes and physically active people of all ages. Its regular use effectively supports fat metabolism and stimulates its reduction.

Fast Burn Extreme is the perfect solution for people who want to quickly and safely burn body fat and reduce body weight.

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Q: Are you anorexic if you only eat 2 bowls of cereal a day?
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Are you anorexic if you only eat tea at the end of the day?

Anorexia is based on weight, not what you eat. But if you continue ONLY eating tea all day you probably will loose enough weight to be considered anorexic.

Are you anorexic if you eat one meal a day?

You're only anorexic ifyou have a morbid fear of becoming fatterfeel that you are fat even when your weight is below normal

2 bowls per day?

2 bowls per

Best cereals to eat for cholesterol health?

you can take Kellogs Bran cereal. it's a brown strips cereal. ut has a good taste and ririch in fiber that helps to lower your cholesterol. try this 2- 3 bowls a day for a month.

How do you become Anorexic in a day?

You don't

2 or 3 Full Bowls a Day?


how much shoud i feed my bog?

2 bowls- a day

You only eat a bagel in then you starve the rest of the day does that make you an anorexic?

No, not at all, actually. First of all, an anorexic probably wouldn't eat a whole bagel at once. Even if you want to, if you're truly anorexic, you can't, trust me. Second of all, if it's just one day, then you're not considered anorexic, you just didn't eat much that day. It has to be something regular for it to be given the title anorexic. Besides, what lots of people don't realize is this: You aren't anorexic unless you're underweight. If you're normal weight, but you starve yourself, you are simply fasting, or starving yourself, until you're underweight.

Is there a certain diet that suggests eating one meal a day?

Hi,Yes there cereal diet. You probably haven't heard of this as its from the UK. Basically you eat two bowls of cereal a day with semi skimmed milk and one meal a day. Its supposed to help you lose 1 inch off your waist.AnswerI dont know, but you are supposed 4 eat 6 healthy meals each day.

Is eating 2 slices of chicken and half plain baked potato and 3 pieces of cereal a day anorexic?

Yes....that is not enough for you, you don't get all your vitamins in just that. Try adding fruits, "veggies", and more meat to your diet.

My gf is anorexic i try to get her to eat and she does but after I get calls from her sister saying she is forcing herself to throw up the next day my gf won't eat is she anorexic and bulimic?

It is possible that she is both anorexic and bulimic.

Is cereal good for you?

cereal CAN be good for you, and cereal also CANT be good for you! can:breakfast,healthy start of the day! cant:sugar,carbs,etc.

Why is cereal healthy?

Cereal is healthy because it has a lot of fiber and it is heart healthy and it is low fat. Cereal is a great starter for the day.

How much food do anorexic people eat every day?

about 1/2 a meal a day

What is the diet restriction for someone anorexic?

You can only eat one apple every day, if you have to eat at all. I usually fast about 5 says a week.

How many pounds can you lose by eating cereal three times a day?

It depends on what else you eat and what kind of cereal it is.If I were to eat cereal three times a day, I would gain weight and so would many people. Cereal is a refined (processed) carbohydrate.

What is a healthy cereal?

A Healthy cereal is a cereal that provides energy for the day, and fulls you up so that you are not snacking on unhealthy foods for the rest of the day. Cereals with fibre and reduced fat are best as they provide more energy.

How The line plot below shows the amount of cereal Shyanne ate in a day?

How do I do this?

Does becoming anorexic make you lose belly fat?

Becoming anorexic makes you malnurished and paranoid because you are trying to keep the fact that you are anorexic a secret. Being anorexic also leads to many deaths and mental illnesses every day, but back to your originally question yes it does help you loose belly fat.

Was Michael Jackson anorexic?

No, he took care of his health and ate well. He was a dancer who danced until the day before he died. Michael Jackson sometimes limited himself to eating only once a day.

Are you anorexic if you only eat one meal a day?

It depends on if that meal is a half a slice of celery and you still think you are eating too much. If you are eating a regular meal, you probably are not anorexic, but it isn't good to starve yourself the rest of the time. Your bod needs food for fuel.

What will happen if you only eat cereal every day?

You will become very ill due to lack of nutrients found in other foods.

Why do they call it cereal?

It comes from the latin, "to start the day"

How much food an Anorexic eats in a day?

most days none or a bite of something

Why is iorn in cereal?

because you normally eat cereal in the morning for breakfast and the iron gives you energy to help you get through the day :)