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If you are planning a 3000 mile trip, and have the ability to select either of these vehicles, then I would suggest you pick the one that you feel most comfortable in. Without information regarding which of the available engines each is equipped with, which of the available gear ratios each are equipped with, whether we are talking a gas or diesel engine (where available), etc., it is not really possible to give a scientific answer ...... I think either vehicle makes a great choice for a long trip - although I must confess I am a Suburban fan. If it is a highway trip and you keep it to the speed limit, you will spend plenty for gas in either one - plan on about 12 to 15 MPG depending on terrain and speed (worse with a gas big block with 4:10 gears and better with a diesel with 3:42 (GM's)), but the seemingly poor gas mileage is well worth it when you consider space, ride quality, and safety. Bottom line is that your margin on dollars spent on gas between the two is probably not going to be significant, so pick the one you like riding in the best. Have a good trip.

I agree with the first answer. I am a suburban fan and they are very roomy and comfortable. I don't really know about the Ford. I have never been in it but when my grandfather used to have a ford it would always break down. I don't know if they still do that but I have never liked fords unless you're talking about the mustang or the ford GT.

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Q: Between a Ford Expedition and a Chevrolet Suburban which would use more fuel on a 3000 mile trip?
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The front expansion valve is clogged.

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Where can you find engine blueprints?

actually, you can probably find the Engine Blueprints through the manufacturer, i would research, or call your dealer. i have not yet had to do this, but i have a feeling i will on my 1988 Chevrolet suburban V10. good luck

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