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There really are no adjustments you can make, the MacPhereson struts are pretty much "fixed" in how they're mounted. There is a "kit" available from a company called SPC that replaces a plate at the top of the strut, and allows for Caster/Camber adjustment. The struts need to be removed to install the plates. It's really only necessary if you're "lowering" or altering the front end geometry to an extreme.

If you're having tire wear issues, and alignments don't seem to help (or "hold"), the inner bushings on your forward lower control arms are probably worn out. On your year/model, there are four bolts that hold the lower control arms into the front sub-frame. The 2 bushings lay in the front sub-frame horizontally, facing fore and aft. Once these bushings wear out, toe control of the front wheels is almost impossible to maintain. "Cupping" wear on the inside of the front tires is the usual symptom. The bushing themselves are not individaully replacable, the whole lower control arm needs to be removed and replaced. Complete lower front control arms (that include new bushings, and ball joints) are available for anywhere from $85 to $110 each. Depending on the number of miles on the car, you may want to consider replacing the struts too. Anything over 85K miles or so, is probably in need or strut replacement. Taking it to a tire shop or alignment technician, should be able to help you diagnose what is worn and needs replacing.

Sorry if it comes as "bad news". It could be expensive unless you're reasonably handy with tools. An excellent resource for answers about these cars is: A Ford Contour, and a Mercury Mystique are essentially the same car with minor variations

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Q: Camber adjustment on 95 Mercury Mystique?
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Is a 95 Mercury Mystique 2.0L a contact motor?

No , the 2.0 liter is not an interference engine in the 1995 Mercury Mystique

How do you tell if your 95 Mercury Mystique has abs?

ABS came as standard equipment on the 95. It has ABS.

How do you get a wiring schematic for a 95 mercury mystique?

you can get free on line at

Where is the starter relay on a 95 mercury mystique?

Follow the + battery cable should connect to relay

Does the 95 mercury mystique come standard with airbags?

Yes,it had dual front airbags as standard on all trim levels.

Head bolt torque 97 mercury mystique spree 2.0?

you need to get them down at 95 ft pounds every other

What size wrench do you use the replace egr vale from pipe on a 95 mercury mystique v6?

inch wide adjustable wrench

Where is the oxygen sensor on a '95 Mercury mystique?

Mercury Mystique with V6 engine has two oxygen sensors. First one located between radiator and engine, second - behind the engine, near the coil pack (below). It's not very difficult to replace them.

Where is and how do you change a speed sensor on a mercury mystique mfg June 5 1995?

We just changed one on a 1995 Mercury Mystique 4/95. It was located on the transmittion. They tell us there are 2 for this model, other one is supposed to be located in Instrument panel but we couldn't find it.

Where is the fuel pump shut off switch located on a 95 Mercury Mystique?

behind the lefthand kick plate (by the drivers door near the pedals)

What would cause a 95 mercury mystique strut to clang and pop after an alternator replacement?

nothing unless the mechanics took your car off roading

Why is the check engine light still on in a 95 Mercury Mystique after you changed the alternator and the battery?

Check engine light usually indicates a problem in the emission control system - have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

How do you replace alterator on 95 mercury mystique gs?

look up Mitchel books, real good resource, to explain here would be too long and complex de book has all you need.

How do you do a valve adjustment on a 95 s10 blazer?

No adjustment required. If you have a noisy valve train, parts are worn.

How much would a 95 pound person weigh on mercury?

95 Pounds On Earth Weighs 35.15 On Mercury

What caused the trouble code number 336 on a '95 Mercury Mystique?

Chilton repair manual sez: Exhaust pressure high / EGR (PFE/DPFE) circuit voltage higher than expected. (goggomobil)

How much air do you add to your tires of a Mercury Mystique 95?

Around 32 to 35 pounds total pressure. Look on the tire near the rim it should say maximum air psi (pounds per square inch).

Valve adjustment 95 Geo Metro 4 cylinder?

non adjustable

Is it alrite if you cut the flex pipe on a 95 mercury mystique and replace with exhaust pipe of the same diameter....any problems please help?


Why would my 95 mercury mystique start up and run at the normal idle speed for a few seconds then drop really low and stall out it also does this while driving?

Your air conditioning system is failing. It puts stress on the belt as it tries to kick in.

Had the codes read on a 1996 Mercury Mystique but now there is a clicking noise coming from under the gear shifter area every time you push on the brakes how do I fix this?

That's the lock-out that keeps you from moving the transmission out of Park without the brake being down. It should have done that its entire life (my '95 Mystique did), and isn't anything to worry about. The codes being read wouldn't have had anything to do with it.

What year 2.5 liter v-6s will work in a 95 mystique?

I believe that is 1995 , 1996 , 1997

Where is the sunroof motor located on a 95 mercury mystique?

The SunRoof Motor Is Under The OverHead Lights. You Need To Slide The Whole Assy. Back To Get To It...But Becareful There Is Four Clips Total.Try Not To Break Them Or Else You Will deal with the lights hanging right in the way of you rear veiw mirror

How much horsepower does a 95 Mercury Sable have?

140 hp

What years did mercury make a 95 hp outboard?