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I'm pretty sure the 85 maxima was front wheel drive?

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โˆ™ 2007-03-14 04:53:36
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Q: Can I swap a 1985 Nissan 300zx automatic trans with 1985 Maxima trans?
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Were is the transmison filter on a 1994 Nissan Maxima?

inside the trans

1989 d21 automatic trans fit in 1990 Nissan d21?


Where is the computer on a 2000 Nissan Maxima?

This weekend I will be changing the ECM on a 2001 Maxima. I have a factory service book on a 97 Maxima and the computer in on the left side of the trans console. The side cover of the console has to be removed to get access to the ECM.

Where do you put transmission fluid 95 Maxima SE?

in the trans Fill/Level check tube in an automatic. in a 5 speed there is probably a port to fill into the actual trans case

Will a 1990 300zx twin turbo trans work in a 1990 300zx non turbo motor?

the only thing different would the internals of the trans the turbo trans is a heavy duty trans.

What Auto Transmissions fit the 1994 Villager?

probably some Nissan Front wheel drive Maxima v-6 trans since the engine is a Nissan V-6

Where do you buy Nissan Murano power steering fluid besides the Nissan dealor?

just use automatic trans fluid. I think its dextron III. It's the same trans fluid that you'd put in a 04 Xterra trans. --dealership technician

Towing capacity of a 1991 Nissan 2WD 4-cylinder Truck?

3500# for a Manual trans. and 2000@ for an automatic

Is auto trans the same in 92 and 97 maxima?


You need to replace your trans in a 91 Maxima which other models would have a comparable trans?

1989-1994 maxima nust be single overhead cam in not twin cam ..

Where do you add ATF fluid in a 2000 Nissan Frontier?

You add automatic trans fluid through the dip stick that you use to check fluid level

Where is the transmission fluid drainage located on a 1998 Plymouth breeze?

On the automatic trans, you will have to remove the pan to drain.On the automatic trans, you will have to remove the pan to drain.

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