Can Microsoft office 2007 be run on a Mac computer?

While Office 2007 is made to only run on Windows, one could also install it using the application Crossover for Mac. See:

The software is $69.95 or so. Yes, Microsoft does offer Office 2008 for Mac, but personally, I never liked Microsoft products that run on Mac. Office 2008, to me, seems very user unfriendly and the functionality is not as easy to use as Office 2007 for Windows.

I have installed it using Crossover for Mac and it runs pretty well--of course, not as quick and snappy as it is for Windows, but still very usable nonetheless.


Microsoft Office 2007 will only run with Windows. To use it on a Mac you will need to have Windows installed on the Mac and then run Office 2007.

Microsoft produce versions of Office for the Mac. The latest version is Office 2008 this will run on a Mac with Mac OS X. (See links below)