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Q: Can Oklahoma garnish your wages for a repossession if you work in Texas after 10 years?
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Can collection agencies garnish wages in Texas?

can a collection agency garnish your wages in texas

Can a debt collector garnish your wages on a repossession in Texas?

Yes if you signed a wage garnish when buying the car. If you didn't they may be able to but the courts will have to decide.

Can they garnish your wages for a repo in IL?

The lender may garnish your wages for a judgment against a debt in Illinois, even after repossession.

Can a judge garnish your wages in Texas?

No, only the federal government can garnish your wages.

Can a lender garnish your wages after an involuntary repossesion in Georgia?

A lender can garnish your wages if you have outstanding debts and the court has confirmed this. The repossession itself is irrelevant.

Can a lender garnish wages after repossession in North Carolina?

Yes a lender can garnish your wages after a repossession. If the resell value of the item does not cover the cost needed to repay the lender, you are still responsible for paying the balance.

In Oklahoma can a lender garnish wages for a car repossession?

YES AWG is authorized by a Federal law (20 USC � 1095a), which specifically preempts State law.

Can a crediter garnish your wages in Texas?


Can a lender garnish your wages and income taxes after repossession?

IF they have a JUDGEMENT for the balance due, they can garnishee your wages. Income taxes?? NO

Can Virginia garnish your wages for an auto repossession?

Your wages can be garnished for an auto repossession if there is a court order. All wage garnishment's must be obtained from the county court of your residence.

Will Texas garnish wages for child support?


Can a payday loan company garnish your wages?

No. In the state of Texas a creditor cannot garnish your wages no matter how much is owed.

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