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In Missouri and Texas once your 17 you can up and leave, go anywhere you want, so if you live in one of those states, you can, if you don't you'll have to talk to a law enforcer or attorney to see if you can get the custody granted to the parent you want to live with.

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What is the difference between a biological and a adoptive parent?

The difference between a biological parent and an adoptive parent is that the biological parent is the one who is related to the child by blood and the adoptive parent is the one that raised the child.

Can an adoptive parent give up custody of their child back to the biological parent?

can an adoptive parent give up custody of their child back to the biological parent

Are adoptive parents callef step parents?

No, step parents are parents who live with the other parent, married or not, and who is not your biological parent or foster parent. An adoptive parent is your full parent, just like a biological one. You will inherit them and carry their name.

Can an adoptive parent give visitations to the biological parent?

I would think so if they wished.

Who is exempt from paying child support UK?

Everyone who is not the biological parent or adoptive parent.

Who is considered next of kin adoptive parent or biological parent?

Adoptive parent. Once a child has been adopted, his adoptive parents are his parents, period. It is as though he had been born to them. He no longer has ANY legal relationship to his birth parents; he has no claim on them nor they on him.

If you are adopted should your adoptive or biological father sign your wedding certificate?

If you are adopted, your biological father has no legal standing. And there is no requirement that any parent sign a wedding certificate. If you are underage, you may need signatures to obtain the marriage license and it would be the adoptive parent that would have to sign.

Is a father considered a relative?

Yes. A biological or adoptive father is both a relative and a parent.

What are some drawbacks of being a single, adoptive parent?

The issues a single adoptive parent may run into is financial and child care problems. There is also the issue of not being available all the time. These issues apply to biological and adoptive parents.

Can biological mother show up at adoptive parents house to try and see the child?

Whether the biological parent are allowed to see their child or not is entirely up to the parents and with that I mean the adoptive parents who now are the guardians of the child.

Is it legal in Michigan for a biological parent to contact a minor adoptee after termination of parental rights?

No, any contact between the child and anyone else is entirely up to the adoptive parents even if it is the biological parent.

When a step parent adopts the wifes child does this child still a descendant of the deceased biological father?

Yes. And, in some states the child can inherit from both the biological parent and the adoptive parent. See the article at the related link. for more information

When a birth parent takes their child from a adoptive parent is that kidnapping?

It could be if they didn't have permission from the adoptive parent.

Can Miss America have children?

No. Miss America contestants have to swear that they're unmarried, not pregnant, and not the adoptive or biological parent of a child.

What is the opposite of biological parents?

Apparently, from what I have investigated, it appears to be adoptive parent, regardless if there has been any formal paperwork filled out.

Can Miss America have children in a pageant?

No. Miss America contestants have to swear that they're unmarried, not pregnant, and not the adoptive or biological parent of a child.

Can an adoptive parent give temporary custody to biological parent?

With a written agreement yes. However, that adoptive parent could actually lose any chance at custody to the child at a later point because they may be deemed unable to take care of the child (for relinquishing custody). It varies situation to situation.

Can you get taken away from your adoptive parent?

Yes, if it is determined that you are being abused or neglected you can be taken away from an adoptive parent.

What is the adjective of adopt?

Adoptive or adopted. A child is adopted, a parent is adoptive.

Can an adopted child choose to live with their biological parent instead of their adoptive parents?

Once a person is adopted, all legal rights between the biological parents and their child are severed. An adopted child has no legal right to choose to live with their biological parents. The adoptive parents could informally agree to allow the biological parents to have custody of the child but there can be all kinds of legal ramifications that flow from that, especially if the biological parents do not want to give the child back and the adoptive parents want physical custody back.

What are the rights of an adopted minor who is also a parent and if over sixteen are they legally able to leave there residence with the adoptive parent?

A pregnant minor or one who is already a parent is not emancipated apart from regarding their health or the child. And adopted children are legally like the biological ones to the adoptive parent. This means you are not emancipated until you are 18 and can only then decide where to go or move.

What does my name on a child's birth certificate mean?

It means that you are the biological parent.It means that you are the biological parent.It means that you are the biological parent.It means that you are the biological parent.

What is the difference between an adoptive father and a stepfather?

An adoptive father is your legal guardian and is your father. A step father is a man who marries your mother. He does not have to adopt you and cannot unless your biological father agrees to give up his rights as a parent.

Is child support mandatory in Mississippi?

The laws in all US states mandate financial support of minor children by their biological or adoptive parent(s).

Can biological parents get parental rights back if child is dropped off and left by adoptive parent?

The adoptive parents must voluntarily relinquish their parental rights and you must seek to have your legal custody restored through the court at the same time.