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Can a 20 year old gunite pool be converted to a vinyl liner pool?


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The answer is absolutely! Secondary market products are readily available for a conversion such as this. A plastic, resin, or fiberglass track is installed just under the top edge of the coping around the swimming pool. The track is usually attached with some sort of stainless steel screw. Rolled Wall foam can be cut into long sheets and attached to the existing plaster walls--usually with spray adhesive. The foam evens out the surface and also provides a nice "shock absorbant" pad in between the liner and the wall. Complete measurements of the existing structure need to be taken--and they need to be extremely accurate. Some of these measurements include the height of the wall, angle of slope, depth and step areas. For 99% of these conversions, a liner must be custom manufactured. I say this because you might hear an installer give you a quote for a "stock liner"--a mass-produced liner made based upon general measurements--carried in quantity at the local distributor.

Conversions are rarely exact, so don't be alarmed if you have a small wrinkle or two.

Expect to spend 25-50% over what a traditional liner replacement would cost. There's not too much of a difference in materials, so the cost will be mainly in the skilled labor.

Definately find someone that has performed these conversions before. Don't just take their word for it. Go see the jobs--without the installer present!!!! Talk with the customers, and ask them how the installer performed.

Best wishes on your project!!


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As long as the vinyl liner pool is inground, it can be converted. But you'll probably have to remove all of the vinyl pool elements until you have reduced the pool to a big hole in the ground and then start from there. All it takes is time and money!

You can use the same hole in the ground for both a vinyl liner pool and a gunite pool. You should not need a new hole dug.

Its a oval shape pool, 19,3'X43' size, 4' deep at one end, after 12' slopes down to 10' deep.

u can NOT convert one into another.... ud have to rip it out and start over... either gunite or fiberglass

Yes you can but you would be replacing the liner every 3-4 years when you can build a gunite pool using the old pool as a base and get another 30-40 years of enjoyment out of it.

Gunite is a type of cement mix used in the walls of the pool, whereas a vinyl lining is just a layer on the walls, generally used for waterproofing purposes. So, either of them will do, but my personal opinion is that using a lining is always better (hence vinyl lined pools are very common in England and other countries)

All day long. Concrete pools have real tile instead of the fake liner tile look. You can update a concrete pool later on as styles change: with vinyl it's final.

Both are fine. Due to the short season a vinyl liner pool will hold up for many years. The problem with a viyl liner pool is you have to stick to certain set sizes and designs. Small leaks can be patched, or eventually replaced with a new liner. A concrete or gunite pool will last for 25 - 30+ years. They can be constructed in custom designs.

Gunite is covered with plaster. It is sprayed on concrete sorta. They mix it in the hoses and it is blown on. You can go to youtube and see them gunite a pool. I am only aware of plaster, vinyl or painted pool surfaces. The vinyl is just like thin rubber.

Yes, this can be done however, basically the only thing you can use from your vinyl pool is the actual 'hole' and maybe equipment. The cost is not much less than having a new gunite pool built.

I say gunite for the ability to create any shape pool you desire. Otherwise, you are stuck with the pre-fab design of the vinyl variety.

A fiberglass pool is far superior to a vinyl liner pool. It is also about twice as expensive.

It would depend on what kind of an in-ground pool you refer to, i.e. gunite, concrete, block, vinyl liner, wood, or fiberglass.

Big NO NO ! It will soften or destroy the vinyl

When you say a "pool liner" I am assuming you mean a vinyl liner as normally called a liner for short. If so then no, the liner cannot and should not be painted.

If you are talkin about a vinyl lined pool the answer is yes you can.

High concentrations of chlorine can and will destroy a vinyl liner.

Yes there is no problem with using salt in a vinyl lined pool.

I have a vinyl liner pool and I was wathcing the bottom being prepared. 1) The bottom needs to be very smooth my builder used a hand trowel to do this. My liner is 22 mil thick and I do feel little bumps her and there. If it is not trowled smooth it will be very rough on your feet. 2) The corners where the wall and bottom meet need to be rounded so that dirt won't settle in. 3)A cement product called vermiculite ( Im not sure of the spelling) should be used. This has an absortion material mixed with it that helps pull moisture away from the vinyl so that it doesn't get mildew underneath.I believe this is about 2 to 4 inches thick. If you are having a vinyl liner installed in the pool, then your pool is not being constructed properly. Asking "how do i know if a vinyl liner pool is being constructed properly" is like asking "how do i know if the straw house being built on sand is being constructed properly." A properly constructed pool needs no liner of any kind. Todd you need to study about the types of pools that are installed that is installed!!!! Putting in a vinyl lined pool has nothing to do with the pool being constructed properly, it is the type of pool by choice, obviosly you didn't read the answer from Tim. There are FIBERGLASS, GUNITE and VINYL lined pools, that is if you want to consider FIBERGLASS and GUNITE as a liner . I have a vinyl pool which incorporates steel walls with the bottom being vermiculite. Of course if you want a mud hole then you wouldn't put in a liner.

Fo Show! Pool and Spa News Magazine has an ad for a stick on border to give older liner a facelift.

NO! You want to use a glue specifically designed for underwater vinyl liner repair. It can be purchased at most pool supply stores.

I have a build up of salt on my pool liner in the deep end of my pool, how can I get this broke up to clean my pool.

Yes but its not recommended. You would have to replace the liner very soon. I have a customer who spent almost 60 grand on a pool were the liner was placed over concrete and now 4 years later she is spending almost 6 grand to replace the liner and redo the pool with vermiculite. Best bet is to refinish the pool with either gunite or vermiculite pool crete and then put in the liner. A liner can last ten to fifteen years before having to be replaced and then when it is replaced, it looks like a brand new pool.

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