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Can a car dealer suggest you let your car get repossessed so you can afford the one they are trying to sell you?


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2015-07-14 16:08:52
2015-07-14 16:08:52

They can "suggest" anything they think you will go for. It doesn't sound like a very smart deal to me. But it will be YOUR credit that gets messed up for a few years.

Legal or not, it's a shady statement. Which tells me it's a shady dealer. Instead of buying a car from them, call your state BBB (Better Business Bureau)and report this, that way if they have already been reported in the past, it can be dealt with accordingly. As last person that answer stated, it's your credit on the line. Do NOT leave it in the hands of the greedy...


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If the dealer calls you after the car has been repossessed, then you should inform them that you no longer have the car. They can contact the finance company to verify the information.

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It would be better just to turn it in but it's a lot of work trying to locate it and recover it.

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Truthfully a repossessed vehicle sells for what the bank is trying to get out of it and that is usually what is owed on the original loan and sometimes they will accept less for a number of reasons just to get rid of it and that would be damage to the vehicle, age and mileage.

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