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In most states it is another felony for a convicted felon to own or be in posession of a firearm.

It would also depend upon the person's "terms of release". Even though someone has served their sentence, in most cases certain requirements are imposed upon said person, especially when it pertains to firearms. Generally a convicted felon cannot use or be in the presence of a firearm for several years; the exact time would be determined by the release agreement and/or state law . In a few states an exception is made relating to legal, licensed firearms belonging to another person but in the same residence as the person in question.

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Q: Can a convicted felon hunt with a rifle with someone that has never been arrested?
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If you are a convicted felon. But never went to jail can you visit someone in an Alabama prison.?


Can a convicted felon own a gun after seven years?

As a convicted felon you can never own a FIREARM.

How many years can a convicted felon owning a gun?

a convicted felon can never own a gun.. can get a min. of a year for owning a firearm

Can you be bonded if you were convicted of a crime but were never arrested?

That is not possible, you must be arrested, charged and have a trial before you can be convicted of a crime.

Could someone get a liquor license if they are serving a 5 year deferred sentence?

(in the US) I have never heard of a liquor license being issued to a convicted felon.

Can a convicted felon who has been pardoned gain right to posse a handgun?

No. A "pardon" means that only his sentence has been pardoned. it does NOT mean that his crime or offense is wiped clean. He is still a convicted felon, just as if he had served the full term of his sentence in prison. As a convicted felon he may never own, or be in possession of, firearms.

When can a convicted felon own a gun?

never actually, there are some circumstances where a felon can have his rights restored.

If your not arrested for drug paraphernalia when pulled over in Arizona can you be convicted of such a crime?

You can't be convicted unless you are found guilty. You can't be found guilty if you were never brought to court. You can't be brought to court if you were never arrested, or charged.

If you are a convicted felon for DUI and you have never been fingerprinted can you get a firearm?

No. DUI is a crime because it shows an "I don't care if I kill or injure someone else by my carelessness", and such people should not be armed.

What was Kevin garnett arrested for?

Kevin Garnett has never been arrested, nor has he been a felon, wanted criminal, or any type of shady character!

How long after your convicted of a felony can you get a gun permit?

Depending on the state you were convicted in, you may possibly be able to petition to have some of your firearm privileges restored. However, if you were a convicted Federal felon, never.

Can a convicted felon own a firearm in georgia after a certain priod of time?

No. Never. Not just in Georgia, but in any state.

What jobs can a convicted felon do in criminal justice?

(in the US) A convicted felon could never become a sworn law enforcement officer, or be employed in any capacity which might require him to give evidence in court and be subject to examination and ccross examination on the question of their truthfulness.

What if a felon was on three years of probation and never serve any time can he be allow to own a gun?

No. Probation is a sentence for being adjudged guilty. He is still a convicted felon.

What if the feleny is esponged or sealed?

A convicted felon always remains a convicted felon. That classification NEVER 'goes away. An expunged or sealed record only means that your record is sealed from the view of the general public. It always remains accessible to government agencies, law enforcement and the courts. Any restrictions placed upon you by your status as a convicted felon will always remain in place and will never go away. The only advantage is that the general public will not be able to learn of your past offense.

Do non convictions appear on your record?

Yes, it will show that you were arrested and then charged with the crime. But it will show you were never convicted of it.

Can a felon in Arizona own a black powder rifle?

If he was convicted in state court - not without having his record expunged by the state of AZ - If he is a felon convicted in a FEDERAL court he can never be eligible to own or possess a firearm including black powder weapons.

When can a convicted felon own a firearm after they finish their probation?

Never, unless their conviction gets overturned - not expunged, not pardoned, but actually overturned.

What if you were arrested but never convicted with a felony and the charges were dismissed or expunged can you get a handgun permit?

Generally speaking, yes. If you were never convicted, you can obtain a permit. If the charges were expunged, it depends. Expunged is not necessarily the same as having your rights restored.

I was arrested but never convicted or even had a court date set for a charge i was told was misdemeanor and sometimes felon depending on who i asked. am i still able to purchase a gun?

If you were not convicted, then you can still purchase a gun. Even if you had been convicted of a misdemeanor, you could still purchase a gun, but not for a felony. I should know, I just spent 18 months and $20,000 fighting charges of aggravated assault and commission of a felony with a firearm. I won.

Do you have the right to know if a coworker was a convicted felon for a vilolent crime?

Not necessarily. There is a reason that employers conduct background checks on their prospective hires. The classification of "felon" covers a WIDE multitude of offenses - all the way from accounting fraud to homicide. Many convicted felons were never charged with crimes of violence.

How many years does it take for a felon to get gun rights back?

FOREVER. Convicted felons can never own a firearm or vote.

Can a non vilent and non drug convicted but a felon own a gun?

No a felon owning a gun is a violation of the law and is possibly endangering the public. It doesn't matter if the person is nonviolent, what matters is that the person is a felon. Once a felony is on a persons record it never comes off.

If a plea deal allows you to withdraw a guilty plea are you a convicted felon after that plea is withdrawn and the case dismissed?

You are not "convicted" unless a verdict has been rendered and a sentence pronounced. It that never took place prior to the plea bargain, then no, you are not.

How can a felon get his gun rights back in pa?

A felon can never get a gun back, once a felon you may never own a gun.

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