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not exactly it will cause a vaccume leak and therfore cause the computer to compensate but not directly hurt the fuel injectors

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โˆ™ 2005-10-11 13:36:08
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Q: Can a leaking intake manifold cause fuel injector problems?
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How come you keep replacing the same fuel injector it keeps leaking?

Cracked intake manifold...

On a 1987 mustang gt coolant is leaking into oil but its not the head gasket?

Intake manifold is leaking, or worse, cracked cylinder most likely tho, the intake manifold.

What are the symptoms of a bad intake manifold?

Don't generally see an intake manifold go bad, it is usually the intake manifold gaskets that go bad in which case you may see engine coolant leaking out in the corners or worse case leaking into the engine and mixing with the oil.

What is the intake on a 1994 Chevy berretta where coolant is leaking?

Intake manifold at top of engine?

If a 1992 Chevy S10 4.3L feels rough when idling what could it be?

if it is a vortec, there is a fuel line under the upper intake that goes from the manifold to the injector. check it for cracks and leaking or the injector itself. EGR Valve

Where is 2001 Jaguar V8 fuel injector locations?

on intake manifold

Where is the Fuel Injector Pressure Regulator located on 01 Chevy astro?

It is inside the upper intake manifold. It is attached to the fuel injector poppets with a bracket. To inspect/replace you must remove the upper intake manifold.

Why is truck leaking water at valve cover?

Most likely the intake manifold gasket is leaking.

What would cause antifreeze to be where your spark plugs are in a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Intake manifold gaskets are leaking, intake manifold is warped.

Antifreeze is leaking from the intake manifold what causes this?

most time it is caused by intake gasket failure

Where is the spider injector on a 1996 suburban?

It is located under the upper intake manifold.

Coolant leaking from intake manifold?

leaking gasket try tightening the bolts a little might help

Why is your dodge magnum leaking oil?

Usually when you leak oil that's an indication that the intake manifold gaskets need to be replaced or your intake manifold is shot.

Will antifreeze leak from the head gasket if it is a manifod leak?

If it is leaking from a bad head gasket, it is because of a bad head gasket. If it is leaking from a bad intake manifold gasket, it is because of a bad intake manifold gasket.

Have problem with leaking raditor on top of manifold very bad leak it leaking right near the head not for sure if its the headgasket or intake valve?

If really on top then probably the intake manifold gasket ,study it closely .

Could replacing the intake manifold and gaskets cause a fuel injector to leak?

It would be very unlikely. Fuel injectors give very little problems.

How do you remove the cover box to get to the fuel injector in Envoy 2002?

To remove the cover box to get to the fuel injector on the 2002 Envoy, first remove the intake manifold and the valve cover. You can do this by loosening the four bolts that hold the intake manifold first.Ê

How do you change the water hose under the intake?

What's under the intake is not a hose, it's a pipe which a hose attaches to behind the intake manifold near the firewall. If the hose is leaking, it's a relatively easy task to replace it. If the pipe is leaking, you will have to remove the intake manifold which is not an easy task (minimum 6 hours to remove and replace the manifold!)

What is the cost to replace intake manifold gasket on 1996 Buick century?

I just had the intake manifold gasket replaced on my 96 century yesterday and my bill was $450 but my gasket was only leaking out. If its leaking into your oil it may be more.

Where is your fuel injector Yukon99?

You have what is called a spider fuel injectors and it is located up underneath the intake manifold. You have what is called a spider fuel injectors, that is located under the intake manifold.

Will there be leaking coolant because of an intake manifold failure?

Most of the time - yes

Where is the fuel injector located?

The fuel injector would be located on the fuel rail up under the intake manifold towards the side of the engine.

Where is 2001 blazer fuel injector location?

It is located under the upper intake manifold. The bank of injector poppets are also known as the spider.

What do you do to stop a 97 Buick Skylark from leaking?

motor leaking check intake manifold really cheep gasket from the factory

The Coolant is leaking from between the manifold and block on a 1966 gto 389 ci?

you need to replace the intake manifold gasket.