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NO Bettas' and Goldfish have different ideal temperatures AND most importantly the Betta needs very calm waters and the goldfish due to is high waste production needs allot of extra flow in the tank, even more so than nearly any other fish except river dwellers. This makes this combination completely inadvisable.

If that isn't bad enough, the Bettas' can be highly aggressive and any aggressiveness can stress out the goldfish which can lead to an increased risk of disease.

Bettas are tropical aka 26 degrees C is ideal

Goldfish are cold water 22 degrees is ideal and no more than 23 is recommended for long term

Bettas' NEED calm waters to properly breathe and relax

Goldfish NEED EXTRA filtration and water movement to clear out the large amounts of waste they produce daily

Bettas' are ALL too aggressive and will stress the goldfish out which suppresses the immune system and allows an increased risk for developing disease that can be fatal

Some of the information below is good advice but the bit about temperature is iffy. The bit about aggression is iffy too since each individual Betta is different BUT all Betta that i have observed want to develop and protect a territory if possible and the goldfish aren't territorial at all so there will be a great potential for conflict

Male fighting fish are only aggressive to fish of their own size that have long flowing fins and tails as they will be mistaken for another male fighting fish.

Fighting fish can go in with cold water goldfish in summer time as they prefer a room temperature tank. And then in winter they will have to be put in a warm water tank. It doesnt really matter what tank cold or tropical as long as the water they are in isn't freezing cold or overlly warm.

Male fighting fish are not as aggressive as people think. They cope really well with other fish just not other male fighting fish, fish of the same size with long flowing tails and fins, and they can not go with other fish that will prey on them. Such as angels, guppies and neons.

If you have any more questions just leave a message on board and I'll get back to you right away.

It is not entirely wise to put a Betta in a tank with goldfish, I probably wouldn't risk it, but it might be alright. You probably could put a Betta with Goldfish if you watch closely and make sure to keep your fish well fed, because a common reason for cannibal fish is that people forget to feed the fish so they try to eat their tank mates.

So all in all I would probably keep a Betta in a separate bowl with a mirror for company if possible.

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Q: Can a male betta live with goldfish?
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Will a male betta fight with a goldfish?

You should not put a male betta with goldfish's.They are aggressive and will fight with goldfish's goldfish give off ammonia and will kill the Betta's.

Can bettas be with goldfish?

Yes, but no. What I mean isIF the goldfish has long, flowing fins the male Betta will mistake it for another male Betta and attack it, but if it doesn't like a common goldfish or a Shubunkin goldfish than they should be fine. REMEMBER THAT GOLDFISH ARE NOT TROPICAL UNLIKE THE BETTA SO YOU COULDN'T EVEN IF YOU WANTED TO!!

Can a Betta fish and a goldfish live together?

It depends. If your betta is gentle, they will get along. If not chances are he might wind up killing the goldfish

Can Betta Fish live with comet goldfish?

Betta are best as solitary fish, but in addition, a goldfish and a betta's needs are different including type of food, and the temperature of their water.

Will a betta fish kill a goldfish?

i have a fantailed goldfish and a male beta fish in the same tank. and not yet has the beta killed the goldfish.

Will a male betta harm a goldfish?

Male bettas generally go well with other fish, just not another male betta. Although they can be quite aggressive and territorial and you may find it will eat the fins and tail of your goldfish!

Can you put a male betta with a goldfish?

well you should not but i have a goldfish with a male beta first they fighted but now there fine and if you put a male beta with a female goldfish don't worry they cant have babys with each other

Do betta live longer than goldfish?

No bettas live for 2 years. goldfish live for long as 25 yaers if conditions are clean.

Can you put a betta with a goldfish?

Do not, no matter what put a goldfish and a betta together unless you want the goldfish to die!!!

Can you put a male Betta fish in a tank with a female Betta fish?

Male Bettas can live with female Betta fish except when they have laid eggs. Male Betta fish should not be placed in the same aquarium as another male Betta.

Can betta fish live with other betta fish?

Yes, but some fish will nip at the Betta's fins. Male bettas cannot live with other bettas (male or female).

Can betta fish and goldfish live in the same bowl?

Betta fish and goldfish can not live together! Bettas are a tropical species of fish that require a heater and a bare minimum of a five gallon aquarium (with a filter!) while goldfish live in a completely different temperature range. The pair would not do well together because of the temperature differences and their need to live in something significantly bigger than a bowl. I understand that it is a common misunderstanding that they can live in bowls, but the fish will not have a good life! Please do the right thing and never keep these two types of fish together, no matter the temperament of the betta.

Can betta fish kill goldfish?

yes because once i got a betta fish and i put in a tank with a gold fish the first day the betta killed the goldfish so i boult a nother goldfish it did not kill the goldfish because i put them in sepret tanks so that's what you guys should do it because i did it try it people your goldfish will not dy. my goldfish was a fin-nipper that's why it killed it because the goldfish ripped a fin off of the betta so do not put betta fish with goldfish because you never no if the goldfish is a betta.

Will a female betta kill a goldfish?

No never. I had afemale betta in my goldfish tank,she did nothing to my goldfishes.

Will a goldfish eat a betta fish?

It's the other way around.A betta may not eat the goldfish but it will attack and kill the goldfish.

Can goldfish live with a betta fish?

No, not without a decent sized tank and proper filtration. A single male betta fish would likely not bother the goldfish. However, goldfish produce waste with much higher ammonia levels than most other fish. This would burn the bettas gills, even though bettas are mainly surface breathers.

Can male betta fish live together?


Can you feed your goldfish betta food?

Yes. I fed my goldfish betta food, and he ate it. Hope this helps.

Can a betta and a goldfish live in a bowl together?

no because the betta will eat the goldfish The previous answer is right but the reason given is wrong. A Betta can not eat a goldfish unless the goldfish is very tiny like less than 1/4 inch long. The real reason is that goldfish need cold water below 65F and plenty of it. (At least 2 gals per 1" of fish). The Betta is a tropical fish needing warm water not below 75F. (A 1 gal tank is usually accepted as sufficient for a Betta)

Can goldfish have betta fish food?

Goldfish can eat many things. Betta food isn't the best for them, but they will eat it.

Could you put goldfish and betta fish together?

No, Goldfish and Betta fish cannot, and should not, be housed together.

Can betta fish live in a big tank with other fish?

Yes they can but not with coldwater species like goldfish. Betta splendens are tropical in their requirements.

Does a male Betta fish live longer than a female Betta fish or do they have about the same lifespan?

male and female have about the same lifespan

Do male betta's eat their live babies?


Is a goldfish a betta fish?