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Can a person have both Part A and Part B coverages from Medicare if they meet eligibility requirements?


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2015-07-15 18:27:48
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Yes. Part A is for Hospital, Part B for Doctors. To get Medigap Coverage you must have both.


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Medicare is not means tested; eligibility is not based on income or assets. Medicaid eligibility standards vary somewhat by State.

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The Medicaid eligibility requirement vary depenging on what state the person is living in. The most common requirements are the age of the person in question and possible disabilities a person may have.

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Medicare - yes. Medicaid - if the person has limited assets/income and meets other eligibility factors including citizenship.

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Receipt of Medicare should not affect your UIB eligibility. However, receipt of SSA or other retirement benefits will affect your UIB.

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"A" denotes the wage earner - i.e., the person whose earnings record is the basis for Medicare eligibility, vs. his spouse, minor children, etc.

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