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Yes. Part A is for Hospital, Part B for Doctors. To get Medigap Coverage you must have both.

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Q: Can a person have both Part A and Part B coverages from Medicare if they meet eligibility requirements?
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What money amount of social security can a person draw and get Medicare and Medicare?

Medicare is not means tested; eligibility is not based on income or assets. Medicaid eligibility standards vary somewhat by State.

What are medicaid eligibility requirements?

The Medicaid eligibility requirement vary depenging on what state the person is living in. The most common requirements are the age of the person in question and possible disabilities a person may have.

Can a person that receives social security have medicare and medicaid?

Medicare - yes. Medicaid - if the person has limited assets/income and meets other eligibility factors including citizenship.

Can a person draw unemployment while on Medicare?

Receipt of Medicare should not affect your UIB eligibility. However, receipt of SSA or other retirement benefits will affect your UIB.

What does the letter a stand for at the end of Medicare numbers?

"A" denotes the wage earner - i.e., the person whose earnings record is the basis for Medicare eligibility, vs. his spouse, minor children, etc.

What is the maximum amount a person can receive in order to get assistance for medicare payments?

Medicare is not means tested - i.e., eligibility is not affected by one's income or assets.If you are referring to Medicaid, the maximum income amounts differ from state to state.

What is your Medicare number?

Your Medicare number is located on your red, white and blue Medicare card. It is usually a person's nine-digit social security number. That is why it is important to keep it secure. Sometimes the number is not a person's social security number. It will depend on how that person met eligibility for Medicare, but most often, it is a person's social security number.

Can a younger spouse of a retired person get medicare or insurance coverage?

To find out if your eligible for Medicare, you can use the Medicare Eligibility Tool at the link below: If you're not eligible for Medicare, you can check with the different insurance companies to find out about individual coverage.

What are the eligibility requirements for Padma shri awards?

A person who has acgieved or done something different in his or her perspective make their state proud.

What medicare health plans are there for a disabled person under age 65?

You are eligible for Medicare typically two years after being on disability. The best place to start is the Medicare Eligibility Tool: Also, this link will give you complete details on Medicare:

What is eligibility criteria for Judicial Magistrate First Class exam?

There is a few eligibility requirements for the Judicial Magistrate First Class exam. A person must of graduated in law, be over the age of 21, and not be over the age of 35.

Can a person have both Medicaid and Medicare?

Medicare covers the elderly and people with certain disabilities and end-stage renal disease regardless of income level. Medicaid eligibility is for the poor and is based on low income, family size and a few other requirements. Actually, they can. You only have to be poor and disabled, unable to work..that equals poor. You qualify for both. I know a few people who have both. It is pretty common for people to have Medicaid and Medicare. This is called dual eligible. The above answer is correct in that a person must be elderly or disabled to qualify, and because a disabled person is not eligible to work they more usually qualify for Medicaid. Of course this depends on other income (ie. spousal income), and any assets. Medicare is federal program so the eligibility is the same in every state, Medicaid however is a state program so eligibility will depend on the state your daughter resides in. I used to sell Medicare Advantage plans. My mother has been on both for over 50 years! She became disabled at age 25, and is now going on 76 years old. She has both and also had SSI to boot, but recently became ineligible because she is now in a boarding home.

What eligibility requirements does the the US Constitution establish for the President?

There are three requirements listed in the Constitution. 1. The person must be at least 35 years of age. 2. The person must be a natural-born U.S. citizen. 3. The person must have lived in the U.S. for no less than 14 years.

How does a person get reimbursed by Medicare if they buy an item that is covered by Medicare but bought by the individual?

You will need to contact Medicare and submit the claim directly to Medicare yourself.

Can a illegal person vote in the presidential election in Kansas?

By "illegal person", I'm guessing you are talking about someone who in the United States illegally. No, that person cannot vote. One of the three eligibility requirements for federal elections is that a person must be a United States citizen.

How does one acquire a Medicare claim form?

Many doctors and hospital will submit Medicare claims for a person. If one need to submit a Medicare form, they are available online at the Medicare website.

Does private insurance cover Alzheimer's disease?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people age 65 or older who are receiving Social Security retirement benefits. There are specific eligibility requirements in order for a person to receive assistance from this program. Medicare covers some, but not all, of the services a person with Alzheimer's disease may require. Medicaid is a federal program for certain individuals and families with low incomes and resources, administered by each state, so eligibility and benefits vary from state to state. The program is typically administered by a state agency. Medicaid can cover all or a portion of nursing home costs. A person with Alzheimer's can qualify for long-term care only if he has minimal income and cash assets. Medicaid may be applied for by calling your state's Department of Human Services or Medicaid Assistance Program.

How much cheaper is Medicare Advantage compared to Medicare?

It depends on the person and the treatment that will be sought, but in general Medicare Advantage does come out to be slightly cheaper than traditional Medicare. One must keep in mind that Medicare covers some non-medicine plans not covered by Medicare Advantage.

What the letter d stands for on a medicare card?

The letter D on a patients Medicare number means the person is a widow.

What is the constellation Medicare plan?

Constellation Health Medicare Advantage is a Medicare Plan Part C provider. It is a private company that works in addition to Medicare Parts A and B. The person still continues to receive Medicare. The Constellation plan kicks in to cover expenses that are not covered by Medicare parts A and B.

Can a person on medicare in New York State collect an inheritance without it affecting their medicare status?

Medicare does not "means test" one's income or assets. However, Medicaid does.

Can the U S vice president assume the office of the President in an emergency if he is a naturalized citizen of the US?

The office of Vice President has the same eligibility requirements as President, so the person must be a natural-born citizen.

How old must a person be to receive medicare?


Can a disabled person on Medicaid and Medicare get housing and where?

Depends on the state you live in but check with your local medicare office to see what resources they have available.

Is it mandatory for a person on medicare to consent to drug testing in TN?