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Yes, they can be sued. Its law.

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Q: Can a person who is on the title but not a driver be sued if the other person on the title has an accident?
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Can a person with no Driver's License be put on the title to a car?

Yes, a person can have a car title in their name if they do not have their drivers license.

Is it legal for one person on a car title to hold the car from the other person on the title?


What is title jumping in Illinois?

title jumping is when you sell a car to person a, then person a sells the car to person b. Person a never changed ownership of the title to their name and person b didn't either. which means your still the owner of the car. I had a friend that sold his car to guy, the guy sold the car to a woman. She got into a terrible accident and by law they were responsible for the accident because the titled owner of the vehicle is financial responsible for liability. He had to prove he was no longer the owner of the vehicle.

Can one person get a title loan on a car title with two names on it?

Not without the other title holder's agreement.

How do you get copies of keys for a 2006 Saturn Ion?

You have to go to the Saturn (or other GM) dealership to get your key made. You will need to provide proof of ownership (title) and a photo ID (driver's license). Only the person with his/her name on the title will be able to get the key made.

When title to a vehicle is in two peoples names and one dies who does it belong to?

It belongs to the other person on the title.

Can you get cheap insurance if 1st driver have old and new driver have new license?

the car insurance should be have in title owner.That person will be primary driver in if person have old licence get some discount.It depends on where the person living place like city or town or specfic some state driving history,accident check ,violations and tickets.But if the person add somebody in driving car too.So need to add some more money with regular insurance.That also depend on second driver driving history too.if 2nd driver have new licence company try too add some extra money.Bec of insuffient experience

How can you renew your tags if the other person on your title has a suspended license?


How do you get insurance for someone else on a car whose title is in your name?

Just go to your agent and tell him that the other person will be driving your car, either regularly or occassionally. If it is a member of your household (including live-in boy/girlfriend), they should be listed if they are a lisenced driver, regardless of whether or not they ever drive the car. And, yes, if they are on the policy, their driving and accident record will affect your rates.

What does a title mean?

Vehicle was in an accident and "totalled" at one time

What is the full title of the film Taxi?


What can happen in case of an accident if a car was insured without title?

title has no effect. insurance takes precedent.

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