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Can a teacher feel sexually or emotionally attached to a student who is very pretty and who he has a lot in common with?



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Well, ofcourse they can. Anybody and everybody has feelings, and humans like me and you have no control over it. Feelings are just something that comes and goes. If the situation is really annoying your or is putting you into awkward places, just don't think about it. Try to focus on other thnigs, such as you being a teacher may want to focuz on teaching. Its okay to have feelings, just don't act on each and every one you have. Yes, of course, however ACTING on it is the BIG NO NO! Remember the woman in Washington who spent YEARS in prison for her affair with a student? Mary Kay LaTurneau. Yes, but it becomes sexual harrassment if the feelings aren't mutual and the teacher begins to use his/her authority to harrass the student. Best Wishes Depends does that student have feelings for you? If so than it shouldn't be wrong. If the student is 18 than wait till they graduate and then presue the feelings you have for this student. Every one feels sexual attraction for somebody its part of life I say go for it