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Absolutely it can! What is happening is when the transmission is trying to unlock the torque converter and downshift to a stop, it isn't coming unlocked, and thus the engine is still locked to the wheels, like not pushing the clutch on a manual. You can avoid this hopefully by putting the transmission into neutral when coming to a stop, or try tapping the gas when the shaking starts to see if you can force it unlocked. See your Jeep or local auto shop to have them look at it. They may possibly need to replace the entire torque converter. . (This is from personal experience with the 32RH Transmission in a 99 Jeep Wrangler)

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Q: Can a torque converter cause a car to shake and go dead when it comes to a stop?
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What causes a car shake your when you put it drive?

Could be a problem with your torque converter

What would cause your car to shake when you start it and when you stop Catalytic converter?

Engine mounts

What would make a 1999 ford contour shake and shut off would it be the cadylac converter or the clutch in the automatic transmission?

sounds like the torque converter is locking up, bring it to a transmission shop.

What causes F150 to shake at 40mph?

Ah yes the mysterious shake... As far as I can tell, its the torque converter... Though if that's not your problem, it could always be your idle sensor... Could it possibly be the U-Joints as well?

What is torque pulsation?

i think its also like the form of torque by its shake with that of osillating

Can a bad catalytic converter cause a car to shake Can any exhaust problem cause this?

No. A catalytic converter wont. If its a rear wheel drive, check your drive shaft. Front Wheel drive, CV Joints. Other than that worn steering. Exhaust wont cause this issue.

What could cause my 1994 Mazda B3000 truck to tremor and shake when I start it up and have a hard time accelerating when driving?

It could be a stuffed catalytic converter.

1997 ford expedition some times when you apply the gas a shake will start and the od light will start flashcould this be the torque converter?

Auto Zone will check your computer codes for FREE... Have your codes check and then you will know for sure what is the problem.

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Can the rim or tire cause the car to shake or vibrate?

Yes, either can cause a shake while driving.

What would cause a 1999 Chevy Camaro to shake when idling and continue to shake when the car is first driven causing a bad odor and while it is shaking it will not turn off?

bad/partially blocked catalytic converter. - kind of a rotton egg smell, right?

Answering Why does your motor shake in park but in drive it just tugs randomly even after you replaced motor mounts?

The transmission selenoid/vaccuum module needs checked or perhaps the torque converter is getting bad. A vaccuum leak might do this, also.

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