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Can a turbo hilux 2.4 engine be easily put in a hiacenon turbo?

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no the hilux didnt have a turbo option till around 2002 i think

KUN25R has the 2.5 litre turbo diesel 2KD-FTV engine KUN26R has the 3.0 litre turbo diesel 1KD-FTV engine

How do you blow a engine turbo.

A twin turbo engine is an engine wielding two turbochargers.

No, the turbo is powered by the exhaust and uses no engine power.

a non-turbo engine will not hold up to the turbos you will have to put in hardened internals

The 1.8 turbo is more powerfull. The turbo charger pushes more air and fuel into the engine.

2jzgte (Turbo) or 2jzge (Non Turbo) vvti engine

no...they are wont fit the block of a non turbo 4d56 engine...

If it is, there'll be a turbocharger in the engine compartment.

Well, the turbo charged car has a turbo hooked up to the engine. What a turbo basically does is to force feed the engine with more air + fuel, making it possible to get more power out of a smaller engine.

no, you have to fit a turbo box to a turbo engine, a 1.9el box will not fit a 1.9 turbo engine, it has to be a turbo box to engine, notting else will fit, hope tis helps

Your bearings are dieing, the turbo is done and you should replace it because a smoking turbo can ruin your engine because some parts of the turbo can be blow'd into the cylinders and your engine is toasted.

Any engine with a turbo/turboes installed. They increase power by forcing air/fuel into the engine.

You can put a Turbo on your 1992 engine. You will need to purchase a air intake Turbo modification kit.

Yes, The turbo is just a booster but the engine makes a car run.

1 is a turbo diesel and 1 is a turbo sport

Yes, you can put a turbo charger on just about any engine.

there are no horsepower in a turbo the horsepower is in the engine but can be increased with the application of a turbo

Signs of turbo going out are engine power is down or engine smokin oil leaking from turbo turbine shaft seal into combustion Chamber

its a turbo charged 3 liter engine

di engine with turbo charger

An engine equipped with a turbocharger.

The turbocharger was invented in 1905 by Swiss engineer Alfred Büchi. There would not be a "turbo engine" without the invention of the turbo so he gets the credit.

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