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Can an error 54 cause a car to stop and not start again How can it be fixed?

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don,t know if this helps, but code 54 means there is no camshaft position signal / or a problem with the camshaft synchronization circuit.

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That type of problem should be fixed by a trained mechanic. Serious issues could arise if not fixed.

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the bratzguy doent have an email

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What would cause your 2004 jetta not to start without a jump then when you stop the car it wont start again?

bad battery or loose battery cable

How do you fix a Start Error message on a ML320 It will not start?

A couple things could be wrong...... first thing you always want to try is another key, (if you have one) then if the car starts and no error message you know you have a bad key. if you still have a no start and error message it might be the transponder coil located on the ignition switch. could also be a bad imobilizer. Question.....does the engine start and then die right away? Or does the engine not start at all? a bad transponder coil will usually cause the start then die complaint. good luck!

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A disconnection in your wiring. loose wiring.

Would an old fuel filter cause your car to stall out then start but die again when you put on the gas?


What would cause a Saturn SL2 to turn over but not start on a hot start as in once the car warms up and you turn the ignition off it will not start again but it starts fine on a cold start up?

probably your ECM malfunctioning i just fixed the same problem on an was a new starter... the starter over heats and is non op... or try a coolant temp sensor with new connector is a common problem aswell

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What would cause my 1998 buick park avenue to start then shuts off after 15 minutes and wont start again?

My 92 PA had the same problem. After it cooled down it would start again. The crank and the cam sensors were found to be bad. These were replaced and I have had no problem since.

Having a problem with your 1989 buick park avenue shutting down while driving then will start back up if it sits a minute?

My 92 PA had a similar problem. Either the cam or crank sensor can cause this problem. If it is the fault, the error code can be read out from the computer. Mine would fail after the engine warmed up but would start again later.

1996 Plymouth breeze cam sensor will it cause the car to start and run until it gets warm and then stall and not start again until it cools off?

yes, that could be a cause. Along with fuel pump, crank sensor,....

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