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probably your ECM malfunctioning i just fixed the same problem on an was a new starter... the starter over heats and is non op... or try a coolant temp sensor with new connector is a common problem aswell

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Q: What would cause a Saturn SL2 to turn over but not start on a hot start as in once the car warms up and you turn the ignition off it will not start again but it starts fine on a cold start up?
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Why do your 89 Chevy Beretta stop after running 3 to 4 miles cools and starts again?

Ignition Control Module are common to cause this. Loss of spark with heat from the engine, when it cools off, starts up.

What would cause fire that starts with the letter i?

ignition of food or cooking materials

What would cause a 1978 Thunderbird to run for about ten minutes then die and not start again until the engine has cooled down?

try replacing the ignition coil. after it hots, it starts breaking down and will not fire again until it cools off

What if the ignition switch starts the starter and the engine run but unfortunately starter continues running what is the cause of this?

Probably a stuck solenoid.

What could cause the security and service lights to turn on in a 2002 Saturn L100?

Passlock sensor (Ignition housing) Or body control module fault

Would a bad ignition module cause a car to stall and not restart?

yes once the ignition control module heats up it would cause the vehicle to stall. usually after it cools down the vehicle will restart again.

Your key is stuck in the ignition of your 2004 Saturn Ion2 and is still in the ON position?

Take it to the Saturn dealership, they will fight with it, probably replace the ignition, and pat you on the back. 6 months will creep by, and the problem will start again. Get out of the Saturn(s) if you can. -experience. (improved answer) The ignition on the Saturn is very tight and usually causes thinning of the key. The buildup of brass gets into the mechanisms within the ignition cylinder. First lubricate the lock if possible. Then attempt to move to the accessory position and turn off. If this can't be done, then call a locksmith to remove the key- they are way cheaper than a dealer and you would probably save the ignition. The common procedure for a locksmith is to get the key to at least the accessory position. If the lock will not push in and turn through manipulation of the key, then the key will usually be drilled out. Again, a locksmith is the best for this because of their knowledge and ability not to destroy the lock. with drilling the actual key (which would be broken off even with the ignition) the vibration and rocking will usually cause the release mechanism to eject and the ignition to turn back off. The key can then be removed and a new one cut. When the key is out, lube the heck out of the cylinder to wash out all the accumulated brass.

What would cause no ignition spark on a 1997 Saturn sl1?

Bad coil , blown fuse, bad spark control module , bad cam/crank sensors to start with

Why is it an ex girlfriend starts talking to again when they just split from a relationship?

its cause she still loves you or she misses talk-in to you

Why does the security light flash constantly on your 2002 Saturn Vue while driving?

There are 3 different things that can cause the security lights to flash constantly on a 2002 Saturn Vue. These things are a bad passlock sensor in the ignition housing, a bad BCM, or a bad PCM.

Would a bad ignition relay cause your 1990 ford f150 to die while driving and not start again no power to the radio idiot lights in the dash or power windows either?

it may not be you ignition relay, but your alternator.

Where is the camsensor on a 2000 Saturn sc1?

Saturn S-series does not have a Cam Angle Sensor. The error code comes from the ignition module. It detects the difference between the spark under compression and a spark under exhaust stroke. The most common cause is corrosion of the spark plug wire terminals or attachment to the base plate for grounding. My car had a defective ignition module that caused the code.

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