Can an iPod get a virus?

Not impossible, but extremely unlikely

It is not impossible, but highly unlikely. Just because it has a hard drive does not necessarily mean that it can pick up a virus automatically though. Only Apple makes the software and hardware (no third parties) and the only recognized file formats are media files. Nothing is virus proof, but Apple products are not affected by PC viruses since they use different file types. Apple products cannot read .exe files, which viruses are often deployed on a PC. Lastly, the only place to download iPod software is off their official website or iTunes. In other words, the chances are slim to none.

Greater Chance When Using Downloading Software

It can if you use a different downloading software, Limewire for example. It is not made by apple so it is possible that is can give viruses to an iPod.

How the iPod Works

You see your Apple Ipod Touch works like this. Its sole purpose is (Depending on what Generation you have) To play music, Videos, Internet, and Apps to be on one thing so Apple created the Ipod touch. Only way you can download something is through Apple. You cant download Internet files where almost all viruses come from. Only two ways you can download is through Itunes store witch Apple puts all those downloads up so you wont get a virus and the other is through the "App Store" which Apple has a LONG process of approval so you will most likely not get a virus since even you have limited access and get the only fun stuff while all the codes, commands, .ect cant be accessed. But you may get a virus from a App update im not shure if apple has to approve those.