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Yes. There is no time limit for filing a Chapter 13. Due to changes in bankruptcy statutes, undoubtly more consumer's will have to file a 13.

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Q: Can chapter 13 be filed after chapter 7 is dismissed to save your home?
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after a chapter 7 is discharged can you file a new chapter 7, if you had filed a 7 but is not discharge, could you file a 13 to save your home. I am not sure when i filed chapter 7 and i am having trobule with employment due to econemy, been through 2 dif?

Yes, Chapter 13s are filed to try to help individuals from losing their houses.

Can you save your house from foreclosure?

Yes you can save your home from foreclosure. This is a primary reason people file for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the automatic stay can stop a foreclosure as long as it's filed before the sale takes place.

Which bankruptcy is for a home?

You can file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 as a homeowner. If you are trying to save the home from foreclosure, then Chapter 13 would be the proper chapter.

Will filing chapter 7 save a home?

No. You still have to pay the mortgage.

If you have a chapter 7 discharged and then something happens with your home can you open a chapter 13 to save your house then you change your mind and the chapter 13 is dismissed what does thi?

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