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Drinking very large amounts of water over a short period of time may be fatal. This was demonstrated in the infamous case of the "wee for a Wii contest" where contestants tried to drink the most water to win a Wii. One contestant died. The excess water dilutes electrolytes and causes water intoxication which can lead to electrical disturbances in the body resulting in erratic neuronal tranmission of signals which can cause death.

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Q: Can drinking too much water be bad for you?
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Is it good to drink a gallon of water a day?

Yes, but drinking too much water is just as bad as not drinking enough.

Why is too much water bad for you?

Yes, you can die from drinking too much water. This has happened during initiation ceremonies at colleges.

Why is bad drinking too much water?

It can drown your cells, making them swell

Is drinking water and peeing bad for you?

No, both are healthy, natural processes. Drinking water should be moderate though, too much is very harmful.

Is drinking water bad when having hiccups?

Water is not bad when having hiccups, because you can do without drinking water. But too much of water may increase its rate.

Is drinking too much water good for you?

No. Drinking, or eating, too much of anything is not good for you.

Does drinking too much water affect your heart?

Drinking too much water will affect your entire body- in fact, it can even kill you if you drink too much. Ask your health care provider how drinking too much water affects your body.

Can drinking too much water with vitamins be bad for you?

If you exceed the amount of vitamins you are allowed to take, then YES!

Could you damage your only kidney by drinking too much water?

Yes, you can also die by drinking too much water.

Is drinking too much grape juice bad?

Well, if drinking too much apple juice seems to be bad then I think grape juice is too, but only if its not made entirely of grape.

Is drinking too much water a drug?

What? No!

Is there a thing as drinking too much water?


Can drinking too much water give you gas?

HAHA i dont think so. Drinking too much water doesn't give you gas but overdoing the water drinking can cause drowning yourself.

What are the consequences of drinking too much water?

too much inclination to pee

Can drinking too much orange juice be bad for you?


Can you drown from drinking milk?

You simply cannot drown by drinking too much milk. That is unheard of. Milk molecules are too large to diffuse through your stomach as water can. This is why you can drown by drinking too much water, but not by drinking too much milk. No one in the history of the world has drowned by drinking too much milk. also, I forgot... Alyssa Sealy is silly... and full of sh*t

Is drinking a lot of water at night time bad?

Drinking a lot of water at night time is not specifically bad for you. Your body can hydrate at any time of the day. So long as you are not disrupting your sleep schedule by drinking so much water that you have to wake up to urinate too often you should be fine.

Can you drown from drinking too much water?


Why is sea water unfit for drinking use?

Sea water is unfit for drinking because it is too much salty and is not pure for drinking

Can drinking water too fast hurt you?

Drinking water too fast could make you choke or gag, and could cause a bloated feeling. Drinking too much water can lead to a dangerous fluid overload.

Can drinking too much water be unhealthy?

Drinking to much water can be unhealthy. There have been deaths related to drinking to much water. You can drown yourself if you drink to much. The FDA recommends 8 to 10 cups a day.

How can drinking too much water be dangerous?

drinking too much water is dangerous because all this water is absorbed and as it is taken out of the system it carries useful nutrients and minerals, mainly salts, along.

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How do you get over the fear of drinking too much water?

Do things.