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Choosing between a vinyl liner pool and a gunite pool depends on a variety of factors, such as budget, durability, design flexibility, and maintenance requirements. A vinyl liner pool is typically less expensive to install than a gunite pool, but it may require more maintenance over time, as the liner can be susceptible to tears, leaks, and fading. In contrast, a gunite pool can be more expensive to install, but it offers greater durability and customization options in terms of size, shape, and features, as well as a longer lifespan. Additionally, a gunite pool may require less maintenance over time, as it is less susceptible to damage and fading than a vinyl liner. When choosing between a vinyl liner pool and a gunite pool, it is important to consider your budget, design preferences, and long-term maintenance needs, as well as the advice of a qualified pool contractor who can help you evaluate the pros and cons of each type of pool and make an informed decision.

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You can use the same hole in the ground for both a vinyl liner pool and a gunite pool. You should not need a new hole dug.

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Q: Can i Convert vinyl liner pool to gunite pool?
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Once a gunite pool is converted to a vinyl liner pool can you convert it back to being a gunite pool I live in the Panhandle of Florida and have no problem with ground water?

If it was working ok before you lined it and you have no problems removing the liner you should have no problems.

Can a vinyl liner pool be converted into a gunite pool?

As long as the vinyl liner pool is inground, it can be converted. But you'll probably have to remove all of the vinyl pool elements until you have reduced the pool to a big hole in the ground and then start from there. All it takes is time and money!

Can a vinyl liner pool be converted to a gunite pool and how expensive would it be compared with replacing the vinyl liner?

Its a oval shape pool, 19,3'X43' size, 4' deep at one end, after 12' slopes down to 10' deep.

Can a vinyl-lined pool be converted into a fiberglass pool easier than gunite?

u can NOT convert one into another.... ud have to rip it out and start over... either gunite or fiberglass

Can you put a vinyl liner in a concrete pool?

Yes you can but you would be replacing the liner every 3-4 years when you can build a gunite pool using the old pool as a base and get another 30-40 years of enjoyment out of it.

Is a gunite pool or vinyl liner pool better?

Gunite is a type of cement mix used in the walls of the pool, whereas a vinyl lining is just a layer on the walls, generally used for waterproofing purposes. So, either of them will do, but my personal opinion is that using a lining is always better (hence vinyl lined pools are very common in England and other countries)

Is a gunite pool better than a vinyl lined pool?

All day long. Concrete pools have real tile instead of the fake liner tile look. You can update a concrete pool later on as styles change: with vinyl it's final.

Liner pool vs Gunite pool in Massachusetts?

Whats yer question?

Can a vinyl liner be added to a pool?


How can you keep your vinyl pool liner from pulling out?

liner lock

What is the best pool finish?

Vinyl Liner

How can you determine what your inground pool surface is What is gunite?

Gunite is covered with plaster. It is sprayed on concrete sorta. They mix it in the hoses and it is blown on. You can go to youtube and see them gunite a pool. I am only aware of plaster, vinyl or painted pool surfaces. The vinyl is just like thin rubber.

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