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Can oil be put in a car while it is running?


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2007-07-20 03:19:25
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You may get splashed with hot oil and get burned if you add oil with the car running, why don't you just turn the car off and add it??

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where do you put transmission oil in a standard car?

Yes, a person can put to much oil in a car. It usually will not hurt a car, but the excess oil can cause smoking if it gets on the motor.

It is best to do it while your vehicle is running so it will circulate through the system. You should add it to the reserve tank, never open the cap on your radiator (if it has one) while the system is hot.

you can put cart & oil and you get a car .

You put engine oil in at the oil fill cap. It is normally located on the valve cover.

Put the keys in your pocket.

You add oil to the oil fill cap which stores the oil in the oil pan.

yes but you will waste a lot of gas and you probably want to put it in park or it will roll away and you will die

Take the oil cap off of engine and pour in oil.

Depends on what car which you fail to list.

The answer to this depends on what kind of oil you are talking about. If you put a heavier weight oil (like 5 weight) in your car instead of say,30 weight, it will cause your car to act sluggish in the cold weather because the oil is thicker. If you put a lighter weight (30 weight ) in a vehicle that needs a heavier oil, the car will still run but not as well as using the correct type of oil. If you put transmission oil in your car's engine oil pan by mistake; you should empty out the oil pan immediately (when the oil and car are cold) and flush it or refill it with the correct oil as soon as you have realized it was the wrong oil.

There are different grades of oil so it depends on the grade. Some is used to make gasoline while others are used to make products ( plastic is one product) or the oil you put in your car.

well, i think u just put oil in it and put it in a car or something

That would depend on the make and model of the car.

Take off the oil nut and oil filter and drain old oil into a pan, then put nut back on and replace filter. Put in the right amount of oil your car takes through the filler under the hood.

park on a flat surface, let the car sit for tow min. remove the oil dip stick, whipe it off because oil was splashing around in the egnine while it was running and it gets all over the dip stick. but, whipe it off, put it back in all the way, then remove and look.

Drain the engine oil, change the oil filter and put in the required amount of oil, run engine, shut engine off, then make a mark on the dipstick indicating the full line for future reference.

Circulating water will not be sufficient and the car will overheat.

To keep a car running smoothly, the correct fluids must be maintained in the vehicle. 78W-80 mineral oil should be used in the Peugeot 806 Gearbox.

to put the oil in the lawnmower's crankcase would be fine, so long as it is an appropriate viscosity.

Your pour it right down the transmission fluid dipstick. Check often and be careful not to overfill. Remember to shift through all gears while the car is on and then check the fluid while the car is still running.

the same way you would on any other car. there is a drain plug on the bottem of the oil pan you take that bolt out and let the oil drain and then you take the oil filter off . and make sure after all the oil is all drained out you put the plug back in the oil pan. replace the oil filter and put it back on and put oil back in the car

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