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Definitely off.

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Q: Do you put transmission in the car while its running or while its off?
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Where is transmission dipstick Chevrolet cobalt?

There actually isn't one. It's a sealed system. There is a cap to fill the transmission directly on top of the transmission. If you need to check the level, lift the car in the air and there is a 11mm plug on the bottom of the transmission. With the car running (Warning: The car must remain running while plug is out!) take the plug out, the fluid should trickle out of the hole. If no fluid comes out add fluid. Don't shut the car off while it is running or else fluid will pour out.

Do you check the transmission fluid level on a 1988 Olds Delta 88 with the engine stopped or running?

transmission fluid is checked with the car cooled off -never when running-(daddmac)

When a car goes off while driving it does have to do with transmission?

in some cases but not usually

Who can i check the level on transmission in ba falcon?

the transmission check point is under the car on the drivers side of the transmission. you need a 16mm spanner and you need to check it when the transmission is hot. and the car running. if you check the transmission when the car is at operating temp with the car switched off, the level will be down. the car must be in the park position.

How do you turn off the head lights while car running 98 aroura?


Why does my 1997 mercury tracer car battery light blinks on and off while the car is running?

If your 1997 Mercury Tracer has a battery light that blinks on and off while the car is running, it most likely means that the battery is not charging. This could be an issue with your alternator.

Where do you add transmission fluid on 94 Plymouth sundance?

Okay, You know where the transmission fluid dipstick is? You get a funnel, and pour the transmission fluid right into the little tube you pulled the dipstick out of. Be sure to have the car running when you check the transmission fluid level; if the car is turned off you will get false readings. (Remember though that the oil can only be accurately checked when the car is not running.)

Can oil be put in a car while it is running?

You may get splashed with hot oil and get burned if you add oil with the car running, why don't you just turn the car off and add it??

What would cause a car to have a clicking sound from under the hood while running?

if your car has air con on it while the engine is running it will be the aircon pump switching on and off hope this helps you out nate

Why would a car not go in drive or reverse when it has been off for a while?

Check your transmission fluid.

Do you check the transmission fluid with the car on or off on a 2002 Honda Accord?

check it while its on and in park

What would cause the oil fill cap to blow off while a car is running?

its loose

When wrench light appears on dash while running then truck turn off?

The engine/transmission needs servicing/repair.

Should your car stay running when you take the pos battery termanal off?

A battery is used to start a car. Once it is running, the alternator then supplies electrical energy to charge the battery as well as power the electrical systems in the car. Removing the battery while the car is running will not affect the running of the car.

94 merc topaz trans problem?

My transmission was low on fluid. My gears would slip, I'd be driving and then I'd push on the gas and I wouldn't go any direction. I was checking my transmission fluid while the car was off and it said there was enough fluid in it. I started checking my fluid while it was running and found out I was out of transmission fluid. Once I put fluid in it, my problem went away and has been running good since.

What do you do if you put your car into gear and it cuts off?

If your car has a automatic transmission, put car in neutral get a rolling start then switch to Drive. If car stays running your problem could be a solinoid switch in transmission. The trans. is stuck in second or third gear which would cause your car to stall out.

Why does my proble shift when turned off but not when running?

My probe will not shift to any gear while running but will when turned off. Before taking it to a mechanic I would like a general idea if this is a clutch or transmission problem.

Do you check the transmission fluid in a Taurus with the engine on or off?

automatic....engine warm and running while in park, standard, engine off. But this is covered in your owner's manual

Can brakes be used in auto transmission car when engine is off?

Yes, Brakes can be used in Auto transmission car when the Engine is off.

What will happen when you put reverse gear while in forward driving?

The car might have an automatic cut off to either disengage the transmission or cut off the engine. Otherwise you will rip apart the transmission.

How do you check a bad alternator?

Unhook ur positive terminal on battery while car is running if car turns off while doing this u got a bad alternator

What would cause a car not to take off in drive?

No fluid bad clutches in the transmission bad or broken linkage no driveline motor not running

If my truck won't go how do i tell if it is the clutch gone out or the manual transmission?

First off can you feel it shift through all the gears while off (not running). Second off while running can you shift through the gears or does it grind while trying to shift through them. If it grinds when you try to shift then your clutch is shot. Good luck

Why does my car turn off while it is running?

Because there's something wrong with it. For a more detailed answer, take it to a mechanic.

When checking automatic transmission fluid does the car need to be on or off?

It varies from one car to another. Some recommend checking it with the engine off, some with the engine running in park, some with the engine running in neutral, etc. The owners manual for the vehicle will tell you how it should be done on yours.