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We've got a 15 foot above ground KD pool that we use with a Chlorease system. We have some issues with the chlorine getting too high when the solar cover stays on. We solved this by running the system on a timer--but overall it works great.


A saltwater pool is a still a chlorine pool these pools are set with an electronic system that converts part of the salt usually sodium chloride into chlorine. Magnesium chloridewith potassium chloride is used in a similar system.

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Q: Can saltwater be used instead of chlorine in a very small above ground pool?
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What is better a Sand filter system or a saltwater filter system for above ground pools?

Is a sand filter system or a saltwater filter system for above ground pools?

How do you Winterize an above ground saltwater pool?

This is a link I found to be useful. I have an above ground saltwater pool. Good luck.

How does a saltwater system for a above ground pool work?

All salt water systems work the same salt is added to the waterwhich is run through a chlorine generator which creates chlorine gas and mixes it into the water.

What chemicals should I put into a new above-ground pool if I do NOT want to use chlorine but saltwater instead and where would I buy this?

you have to buy a saltwater generator from a pool store or intex, then I use water softening salt i got mine at home depot it takes about 4 days for it to dissolve with your pump running constantly then turn your generator on that's all you have to do i love my saltwater pool

Can you use a saltwater system in your above ground pool?

Absolutely. Even Intex the supplier to Walmart and toy stores sell a chlorine generator. Pool & Spa

You have low chlorine level in above ground pool?

If you are getting a low reading of chlorine in your above ground pool, you should add the appropriate amount of chlorine to get it back to the correct level. This is important to keep your pool running at maximum abilities.

How can you cool a above ground saltwater pool in extreme heat?

Give it a name.

Where do you put chlorine tabs in above ground pool?

Chlorine tabs can be put straight into the pool, even if it is above ground. You can also put them in a container in the pool which will help them dissolve more slowly.

How much clorine in 18' above ground pool?

Chlorine level in an 18' above ground pool should be between 2 and 4.

If using a saltwater system for an above ground pool along with a separate filter can the filter still run when saltwater system is turned off?


Pool Chemicals?

form_title= Pool Chemicals form_header= Keep your pool clean and beautiful with pool chemicals. Do you have a salt water or chlorine pool?*= () Salt () Chlorine What kind of chemicals do you need?*= _ [50] What is the square footage of your pool?*= _ [50] Is your pool above ground or in ground?*= () Above Ground () In Ground

How much chlorine to put in an easy set above ground 15 foot diameter x 42 inch deep above ground pool?

I use 2 tabs of chlorine the 2" tabs in a floater it works well.

What chemicals do you use to open an above-ground pool?

I currently have an above ground pool 15' wide 4' deep and i use a chlorine bouy which i take out when not in use.

How do you get the free chlorine level down in your above ground pool?

Time. It all depends on how much chlorine was in it. If you shock a pool (high amounts of chlorine), it is ready to swim in by two days later.

Pool Filter?

form_title=Pool Filter form_header=Pool service professionals are available to help you with all of your pool filtration needs. Are you having problems with the filtration system of your pool?*= () Yes () No Do you need a pool filter installed?*= () Yes () No Is your pool above ground or in ground?*= () Above ground () In ground Is your pool a chlorine or salt water pool?*= () Chlorine () Salt water

Why are pipes underground instead of above?

because if they where above ground they would probably be brook more often

Can above ground pools have saltwater?

There are above ground pool salt water systems available. These systems turn salt into chlorine. All you have to do is add a piece of equipment to your pool. Which product you buy depends on your pool. Your pool will look, feel, and smell much better. You will also spend less time maintaining your pool. It will cost you to buy the equipment ($150 and up), but I think you will be very happy with the results.

Can you swap your above ground pool to a saltwater pool?

Yes, it's easy! Just add a saltwater chlorinator between the filter pump and the pool intlet. Then add pool salt. Follow the directions in the manual and you will be swimming in your saltwater pool in 24 hours.

You currently have an above ground pool using a Baquacil not chlorine based system Can you convert this system to salt without problems?

You first have to convert the pool to a chlorine system As a salt water system is a chlorine system.

How do you kill green algae in an above ground pool with a saltwater system?

Get an algaecide and follow the instructions. it makes no difference what sort of pool you have.

Can you use baking soda to clean a saltwater above ground pool?

No, so don't try or you will end up very thirsty.

How much chlorine do you put in a 15 ft 42 in high intex above ground pool?

6 ounces

Why do they mine underground instead of above ground?

how are they supposed to mine above ground? mining is defined by making an entrance underground, otherwise it isn't called mining anymore.

Green in an above ground pool?

Algae, time for chlorine. Pool supply places have a test kit (ph) & can tell you how to use & what to add-chlorine or acid.

Is there an inflatable-pool sanitizer that is non-chlorine?

There are many non-chlorine options for sanitizing pools, both above and in ground. Sodium Bromide is one option that is usually readily available.