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Can teens take whey protein powder?

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Most people use Whey when there 18 and older, but there's no side affect from drinking it when your 13 -17. Just remember not to take synthesized steroids, as it messes up your hormones and stunts your growth.

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How many times should you take whey protein powder in a day?

You can take whey protein in your morning drink.

Expiration date on whey protein powder?

whats general expiry duration of whey protein powder?

Does eating whey protein powder is harm to body?

Eating whey protein powder is not harmful to your body. You do want to make sure to only take the recommended amount.

Is nature's way protein powder the same as whey protein?

No whey, Jose!

Where can you buy whey protein powder?

Whey protein is sold in many stores as well as online.

Which type of whey protein powder is the best for quick results?

Whey Protein Isolate is a protein concentrate of whey that is fast absorbing and easy to digest. Whey Protein is a good source of naturally occurring BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and Glutamic Acid which are recognized by bodybuilders for their support of muscle development.

What are quality brands of protein powder?

EAS is a good protein powder and so is Muscle Milk but it all comes down to taste and if you want a full whey protein or a complex powder that has whey and soy. EAS is my favorite.

What are the benefits of whey powder?

Whey powder is advertised as an affordable, convenient, healthy source of protein. It is commonly sold as part of whey protein fitness shakes. They can be found at a variety of vitamin stores, for example.

Is it okay for a teenage girl to use whey protein powder?

It is definitely alright to use whey protein powder. Just make sure not to overdose on protein because it can be harsh on the kidneys. Also, if you're trying to lose weight/gain muscle, make sure to check out the sugar content of the protein powder. It's best to get the whey protein isolate since that is pure protein powder.

Does whey protein powder decrease the body temperature?


What is the characteristics of whey protein powder?

Whey protein is good for our health. All the supplements of whey protein help you to make healthy. The main characteristics is that it contain highly rich protein and there are no side effects.

How much protein is in 12 ounces of protein?

12 ounces... If you are talking about whey protein powder, then whey protein isolate (WPI) usually contains up to 90% and whey protein concentrate (WPC) can have up to about 80%.

Which food item has the most energy and provide evidence?

The food item with the most energy is whey powder with added caffine. Whey powder is made by creating cottage cheese form milk. The whey is dried out creating a high protein powder. This is how whey powder is created.

Is whey protein very good for building up muscle and strength?

Yes, it is excellent. If you are looking for a whey powder, probably microfiltered whey protein concentrate and isolate is best. .

Would the protein pills that body builders take help me get the protein I need after gastric bypass?

I have no idea what protein pills are, but buying whey concentrate in powder form (whey is derived from cow's milk), which is what bodybuilders normally use for extra protein, would work handily because whey is easily absorbed by the body.

Why whey protein powder is better than other powders?

Whey protein powder is better because it is completely safe and natural product.It has great ability to be digested rapidly. You can get more information from

What is a feature of whey protein?

Whey protein is separated from whey, which is a cheese by-product. Whey protein is a good isolated source of protein for those who do no want to take vitamin supplements or consume large amounts of dairy.

What makes Whey work?

Basically it is protein. It is the protein that is extracted from milk and then it is turn into powder form. Its like pure protein.

What is sweet whey powder?

Sweet whey powder is a diary product, produced as a by-product of cheese manufacturing. It contains 70% lactose (milk sugar) and less than 2% fat. Sweet whey powder is a high calcium food and a moderate source of protein. It can be further extracted and isolated to obtain a higher protein content. Whey powder can be used in many recipes as a replacement for allergenic ingredients.

Whey Protein or Super Mass protein which one works the best?

Whey Protein is better due to its quick performance. There will be change in about a week. TMNO: Which brand of Whey Protein are you talking about? Also, who makes "Super Mass Protein"?

Where can I find some whey protein for sale online?

There are a number of different online companies who sell protein whey powder for body building. Netnutri and Drugstore are two such companies. They sell 100% whey protein in various flavors and container sizes.

Should I take whey protein before or after a workout?

Whey protein is one of the best forms of protein. After a workout, your muscles would need a lot of protein to recuperate and grow. If you take whey protein after a workout, it would get absorbed by your muscles quickly and your muscles would grow well. So whey protein is best consumed after workout.

What is the density of whey powder?

What is the density of whey powder?

When should i take Whey Protein?

After work outs are the best time to take Whey protein. Within 1 hour after your workout is best.

What is a good source of protein to add to drinks?

Whey, you can find whey powder in supplement stores and often in grocery stores too.