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No, inside a pcv valve is a spring that might loose it's correct rating, also there are seals that can be ruined, not worth bothering, just replace it

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Q: Can the pcv valve for a 6.2 liter diesel be cleaned to be as good as a new one?
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I have cleaned my idle control sensor but still idles rough How can I clean the idle passage also The maf looks good and my tps was replaced and throttle bore cleaned?

try cleaning the egr valve passage and egr valve.

What is a good blow by for a 12.5 liter diesel?

"Blow-by" is not good for any engine. It indicates worn internal engine parts (rings)

What is the most powerful diesel truck?

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Valve adjustment for 1994 Pontiac Sunbird 2.0 liter?

If this is the (S.O.C) single overhead cam, there is no adjustments. The cam is worn, or there is a stuck valve, or broken valve spring. Hope this helps, GOOD LUCK!

Is it dangerous to have a cat liter box in te bedroom that the odour is overwhelming?

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Chevy 1990 diesel truck?

Run away. That has the 6.2 liter naturally aspired Detroit Diesel V8, and that thing is a dog. Good for fuel mileage, but power is lacking, and the heads are terrible for forming cracks in them.

What is a good sentence for the word diesel?

A good sentence for the word diesel is: Do you want diesel or alkline in your car?

When should timing belt be changed for a rover 75 diesel 2 liter?

it does not have a timing belt, it is a chain drive which should be good for the life of the car

What would cause a good running 95 S10 22L to run rough sometimes but run perfict at other times?

I changed the EGR valve, PVC valve, now it has gotten worse. I also cleaned the throttle body.

How do you replace Ford F-250 6.0 liter diesel alternator?

First you get good and drunk then you yell at your kids all day and then you take it in for a pro to fix it

How do you clean an egr valve?

Depends on the EGR valve. A good lot of them can be cleaned and reused. New ones can costs hundreds of dollars.The EGR valve works by routing a small amount of the exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber.See the Related link for more information.To clean the EGR valve, you may be required to remove the vacuum hose and clean out the carbon deposits.

How to turn up injection pump dodge diesel?

If it is a 12 valve take it to a diesel performance shop, they can do allot of things to help with power and milage; torque plates, governor springs, elevation adjustments, ect. If it is a 24 valve purchase a chip that can get you the type of power your looking for. TST, and Banks build very good safe chips.

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